Essential points about the UN COP26

Arranged annually by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the UN COP26 conference is held to discuss the progress made in terms of climate change in the world. It is also a center where the Kyoto protocol is negotiated every year to ensure the developed nations comply with the boundaries set by the protocol.

Introduction & History of UNFCCC

Not many know that this initiative was established for the first time in 1995 when the world stood up to voice a single opinion towards climate change. Climate change had already begun, but as nations, not many were aware of its consequences. But with the first conference held in Berlin, they laid the foundation for specific measures that could make the world a better place.

Almost 196 countries have adopted different solutions to bring down the aftermath of climate change largely. It was right in the 1996 conference that the scientific and research findings around the proposed climate change were accepted for the first time.

During the 1997 session, the United States was instructed to reduce carbon emissions by 7%. In this way, every year several steps were taken towards eliminating the growing hazards of climatic changes and global warming.

In 2016, the need to use low carbon energy sources was recognized giving way to the concept of green fuel. Every year, there are discussions around some essential points that are decided upon, and the whole of the next year is given to the countries for their suitable implementation.     

When is UN COP26 happening?


Originally scheduled from 9th to 19th November 2021, but was preponed to 31st October 2021 and is scheduled till 12th November 2021. The main reason for the shift is the COVID-19 pandemic and is right now an ongoing event.

Venue for UN COP26

It is held in SEC Center Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Attendees of UN COP26

Twenty five thousand delegates have joined hands from 200 countries for the conference. Alok Sharma, an Indian born and a Brit politician is serving as the President of UN COP26. Sharma left his position as Secretary of State to take on the Presidential position of UN COP26 as a full-timer. He holds the chair position of the climate action committee and is a full member of the cabinet.


The list contains agendas given that climate change is already taking a toll on the lives of many.

  1. One of the primary agendas agreed upon is the use of sustainable agriculture agenda. There are several laws and regulations laid out for making farming less polluting and more sustainable. India is among the 27 countries that have signed the deal.
  2. The common goal of every nation is to prevent the rise of temperatures above 1.5 degrees Celsius. As per current estimates, the Earth’s surface temperature is already increased to 1.2 degrees Celsius.
  3. Coal as an energy source is being currently phased out from almost 40 countries to incorporate greener solutions.
  4. The seas also need protection and almost 10 nations have come together signing the pledge to conserve almost 30% of the seas by 2030. Nations included in this pledge are India, Qatar, Bahrain, Jamaica, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Tonga, Samoa, Gambia and Georgia.

Almost 4 billion USD as per UN COP26 is being estimated for implementing new agricultural innovations that include the development of crop breeds that are resilient to Nature’s changes and also implementing regenerative solutions for the soil.

Britain’s role in UN COP26

Britain is ready to boost the economy with a 500 million dollar contribution to this entire project. Protections will be laid down with this money over 5 million hectares of Earth’s surface area. The projected surface area is estimated to equal an area, equal to 3.5 million football pitches. It involves the protection of tropical rain forests and spreading green jobs for countries like Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Jennifer Morgan, executive director of Greenpeace while, addressing the UK media, focused on the fact that even though the Summit is trying to find some joy and relief but, it is indeed hard to obtain, as there is an uprising concern of being played by almost everyone.

The net zero state is being aimed by 2050 by the United Kingdom.

Promises made by the US President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden apologized for Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on climate change.

He further emphasized that given the history of active deforestation. The US as a nation owes to place words into actions that Biden promises to be happening right now throughout the nation.

The US plans to hit net zero by 2050.

India’s PM Narendra Modi’s resolve in UN COP26

India promised to hit net zero carbon emission or at least reaching a carbon neutral state by 2070. India currently is the fourth biggest carbon emitter in world.

This is a promise India made apart from other promises mentioned in the agenda.

What does Amazon head have to say?

Jeff Bezos’ plans to give $2 billion for climate conservation.

Some activists like Greta Thunberg are skeptical that these high ended goals may never be achieved at all. As the conference is ongoing, many are still pinning their hopes, wishing for desirous results in the mid of growing concerns of rapid climatic changes.

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