Tips: A depression free living

Follow the above daily.

It will help you in a few ways.

1) Often when we compare ourselves with others we tend to grow more bitter.

It is a natural bent of mind which we acquire as we grow up.

If you notice a nascent child, it never does that.

But, boom! School happens.

Pressure is felt by parents and zooms around. The child feels the heat.

Thus, instead of doing what the child is good at, often the child ends up, doing what others are doing. They are then, at a stage when they are just discovering themselves. Though mostly they know what they want but expressions remain a problem.

Further, comes the logical explanatory notes of what you are doing and how much it benefits your future.

Thus, how we develop into an individual leads to creation of a pool and criticism floats freely on it, ready to stick to you like old leaves do, when you swim in an unattended pond.

Thus make peace with criticism. If you do good with just one bad job, people focus at it.


Its a competitive world and pattern of life is no longer selection based rather it is more of an elimination based way of living.

This huge mass, every day adding up population and elimination is the only way humans know to balance Earth.

Have a peaceful day with a lot of lightπŸ”¦πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡πŸŽ­

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