The disguise

The disguise

The beauty of the leaves 🍁 and the puniness of the flowers 🌹 makes our lives.

What is our life and what is it that we do. Going around the earth in a machine, cleaning walls, making children, crying for our worries, bickering for our pain, laughing at our lies, curling up at sighs. What are we doing here?

Trying to dig down the Earth, trying to fly high into the space, into that nothingness which looks back at us blank, trying to cut down trees, trying to kill others…

human race is in a daze,

while running through the various phases,

can you keep up with the craze that blinds our large brains

and razes the very world and the stages.

The stages one upon the other, the drama unfolds one after the other..where do you live, what makes sense?

What seems good? What seems bad?

What seems a lie…trust me man is confused, lost in the path but there is still hope, hope lingers around our scopes, groping the very way up is hard when all man wants to do is go down…

Hope is still there, look around, wake up to move.

Hope is all man has to try again to rise.

Hope is all man has to try again to be wise.

Hope is all man has to try again to guise.

Hope is all man has to cruise through just one life called ‘the disguise.’

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