The crescent moon last chapter

“So, What happened did you guys meet your sister?”

“Yes, I saved her, we are now located in Australia. She works in a zoo and I am yet to know what work suits me after such a beautiful degree.”

“Your other two friends? What about them?”

“Lizzy got a job, hotchy is contemplating basically.”

“What about the story?”

“Ahh, we were trying to create a fiction out of our experiences mixed with our imagination. The world often likes to hear spiced up tales. So, we weaved one and plan to use it as a plot. We used names which are mostly derived from Shrum’s people and yes, we knew that everyone taps into others, using the service generously. Basically they did not want Shrum to flourish, they tried giving a bad reputation to her, some sort of freak or crazy person, aged and mad. We have not done any tapping. For us, it was word of mouth. The story revolves around three woman and their lives in the city. Many of the experiences are not hers but used in her name. Our offices could give us trouble but it was more anonymous. So we have used the plot with her as the protagonist. We intended nothing about anything.”

“So, all this while it was a plot?”

“Yes, the world needs stories, experiences were real, but the plot involved and worked in a way some office mindset’s are, and this was one such mindset where she worked.”

“What about other factors?”

“It is about other factors and we just feel it is right. I am very intuitive and it is intuition which is more important. I like to understand why does a city have to deal with everything wrongly. But at one point we were scared. Shrum was scared too. When life is at stake, it is difficult to understand who is your friend and who is not? If you have to understand that everywhere employees require a lot of other things apart from a job and women all around need security. If you ask a woman to sacrifice her dignity or self respect she won’t take it right way and everywhere some women prefer to live on certain terms, not everyone can see it.”

“Basically do you think it’s offices?”

“No, frankly not. It is our people, some people and other people. It is human to human behaviour. We know some of Shrum’s native people who worked here, were also involved. One of the guy once taunted while she crossed the street, “her mother’s care, why she is having lung cancer or what?”

She knew those people.

She chose to keep quiet. Pain is subjective. It can be felt truly by those who know pain. Similarly you can behave sobrely if you know how to work towards it.

Some boys ran in front of her, when she was traversing her commute, we found out later who those were, when she mentioned something about jogging in office.

It was strange, how people think that they can bully and tease others and bring them down.

The office is a place where everyone should be equally encouraged and it should not be biased or provocative, negative in any which means.

Some people told Shrum that if your family is not letting you become like us, leave your family. They said they can help her create a case against the old parents, in the worst case disease them or kill them. That was trespassing since she did not tell them that her family was a disturbing element in her life. Nope, she is so devoted to them.

She chose to live with them.

It’s odd, vile and totally not acceptable.

Dealings can’t change based on human origins, and influences must be very judiciously judged.

Just because a worker is not willing to work one day, or takes leave one extra day or goes off to her native asking for a sick leave does not give humans the right to scare the woman or give her life threat.

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