The Crescent Moon πŸŒ™ chapter VI

You always need to know what you choose and based on your choices decide how you want to live.


You decide the consequences you are ready to fight which emanate out of your decisions.


You decide what you would not take from the world no matter however close they are.

You decide to convey the same to the world.

Since Shrum knew there were many ways, and one was hers.


So, she decided one evening when the Konkan coast lashed with rains.

1. No friends with benefits.


2. No boyfriends of vague sorts.

3. No friends either, more importantly men unless the man is mature enough to understand that the woman in front of him was not ready to mingle friendship with any other relation.

4. No musing around.

5. No going around even with anyone on the pretext of any damn thing.


6. The only relations she was ready to accept from a man were very thoroughly Indian by definition:

I) a brother related to her by blood or distant attributes.

II) a husband if that can be done till she saw it.

III) certain relations which spring out of others…….aunt to some, mam to others, keeping them clean.


It does not make a woman with such choices an ascetic or a monk. It is called setting your boundaries.

Sticking to your boundaries. There is no harm in choosing a path, the harm is when two or more paths are weaved into one.


A woman may choose to be a rampant on the stage, a sex worker or a friend with benefits.

But the choice should be her own, where she chooses without any stress.


The stress of living, the stress of dying, the stress of food, the stress and trauma arising from the fears which work like watchdogs for the crooked noses of society, the ones who hide in the shade of darkness and try influencing masses.

Now, it’s sad but two things are true:

1. We mustn’t call humans animal names like dog, crow, cur, wolf, sheep, fox, hyena for demeaning a person or even a tiger or lion or cow or horse to praise a person.


Humans are not worthy to be called an animal or bird. They are worse.

Have you watched each of the animals? Did you get time from your daily needs and wishes.

They are superior creatures than human mind and work from three factors…..fear, a pure conscience and three to four needs. They are far more superior since even to this day they mate in a systematic order except the primates of modern times influenced by the men perhaps, their closest ancestors.

2. Men must not treat women after animals. Women also are far more beautiful than men.

If you watch closely many in the tribe of men have successfully destroyed creatures more beautiful than them, more superior than them. Destroyed in some way and form.

Many of them in men also pay prices, heavy and bad for what other men have done to their tribes. They are good men, aware, awakened and strong. To be able to see the wrong in itself requires strength and wisdom.

Consequences: Running into shady areas and shady men who can confuse or work towards confusing relationships and some instances where her personality might be attempted a twist of kinds to prove she is shady in many which ways.

Result: Frequent efforts to straighten the truth when lies coil it down.

She grew up in towns. Rugged brown towns of Leh, Spiti, to drop by Shillong and Aizawl, Agartala then Imphal while her parent tried deciding where to make a home. Then there were relatives all around Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Kutch, Himachal Pradesh and Assam.

None of them any longer stay in those places except a few.

India is a land of towns – religious towns, old towns, not so old towns, ghost towns, hilly towns, mountains and valleys town, summer town, winter towns, many towns.

In towns, people are sleepy and dreamy. They dream to be kings and queens one day.

They dream to be good things, they obey the laws, try discipline, try mental health.

Yet there are many who are not healthy, and thus government makes funny rules like banning blue films but then men and women are interested and in towns they resort to such measures.


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