The Crescent Moon 🌙 chapter 9

I am one of those friends and the kaleidoscope through which I saw Shrum during the process.

There were millions of women around me since the beginning.

One such beautiful group of women sat smoking when Shrum went for her written rounds. She barely had friends.

So she left her private number with them. She realised later, much later that they actually helped her stand all the while, feeding her with knowledge scary yet essential to survive such bugging loathsome creatures.

“Hey, girl what is the ups and the downs? Don’t you from here? Well, if not, welcome to the well or swamp marshy land, the land of snakes, poisons and toads.”

These were the first introductory words for Shrum that our group told her.

I did not smoke but two of my friends are chain smokers. As an IITian I knew her distant cousin as a senior. That’s how the story began.

But, then by 2013, she sat on the pinnacle of doubts.

In 2015, the pimp, Mr.New Kumar left. The mister here does not indicate respect for him at all but the deepest embarrassment to have ever known a human as such, no backbone creature.

Well, reasons can be millions but there is always a limit to being how much of a pimp you want to be.

Well, then things changed slightly but the game continues once begins when it shows benefit,

The competition strikes and ends all.

Such was the job which she survived.

Now, women led her way into the organisation and women helped her all around.

She had made three friends during this time, all of whom left before her but enlightening her into the process.

Some say they damaged her mind, well, she survived with their views which itself proves they were right somewhere.

In July the most benevolent manager of her life a woman again granted her a ten day complete leave.

The woman who helped her understand the process of filling up the hourly sheets was lovely and strong.

Sadly, none of the strong women stayed.

Women with backbones.

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