The Crescent Moon ๐ŸŒ™ chapter 23

One day Shrum was just grudging in her office, as I overheard. She left the phone in recording mode, her personal device.

โ€œI donโ€™t get to take an extra leave, I have not gone home so long.โ€

I felt it was just a general conversation and suddenly sunโ€™s ray said, โ€œI pity you, you know.โ€

Shrum looked at him, I am sure like she was stung by a bee.

She would not be able to answer back when humans offer such poor portrayals of themselves.

There were now two key players, Suma and Usha apart from New Kumar.

One day I tapped a phone call.

โ€œBreak her, or bend her. But itโ€™s difficult.โ€ Usha was saying.

โ€œNothing is impossible. Soon, Shrum would be on her knees.โ€ Shrum Kumar said.

I had to tell her this and the result was Shrum cried for two days. She thought Usha was at least a friend. Her words other than this statement did not prove she was, but I did not tell all of it to her until she left her job.

She was disappointed with Ushaโ€™s behaviour. From Mr. New Kumar she expected less, yet not something this inhuman.

One day, while he was dividing faults and errors, he told her,

โ€œThis one is also your error. You have to admit it.โ€

Her score of errors was exceeding if she took it on head and as I had taught her not to every time take it, she just said,

โ€œIt is not my error and I will not accept it.โ€ She nodded her head and wore a defensive look.

Another bomb boom boom!

The man had some strange problem with her. He would doubt her to be big bad things….thief, liar, terrorist, and what not they thought, even a witch.

She was again and again tested for all these parameters. People ran behind her, checked every information about her.

They would keep a note of everything and I am sure in nine years the file was far enough.

She was not checked once but many times, the drill was repeated again and again using different set of people.

Nothing came out.

One day, I overheard that she was dying to relieve her energies. Therefore, she fights so strong with men.

I had never heard woman fighting men hard to stay away.

Now men kept changing who would play the same puppet. We lost count. Still, nothing happened, she stayed where she was and we would.

Sunโ€™s rays would always have eyes which were expressing thousands of doubts even when he was saying, โ€œI know you are a very good human being.โ€

But, he once said something which came true for her, always in life. While he was leaving to join back again in a year, he told her,

โ€œDonโ€™t worry Shrum whatever will happen, will happen for your good.โ€ They were the parting words.

Strange man, playing cricket had slightly loosened him but not in entirety.

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