The Crescent Moon 🌙 chapter 21

A home, far from a home is what she seemed.


Meanwhile confusions and chaos overtook her work.


The two men who went returned and Kushan and the other guys were now competitive. The happy news was the other guy was searching for a bride.

Shrum asked him, “tell me so you are searching for a bride?”

“Why are you interested? You seem very happy.”


Of course she was, she finally thought she would be free of another tyranny.

There was a new manager who had joined and there was a new project, he made Shrum handle almost more than two thousand five hundred cases.


One day, while he coughed up a small credit for Shrum the other guy seemed sad, he was competing it was clear from his face. Shrum knew next he would dance to the tunes and he would become a manager.

I was amazed by Shrum’s ability to not consider praise as an important part of work. You praise her or you don’t praise her, it did not matter to her as long as she was moving in the wheel and was not locked up. Well, they made her an SME, a subject matter expert for the most difficult cases and then gave her a a promotion.

She was meanwhile closing her years and counting her days.

Meanwhile all was well, months passed. Her mother often complained of his house owners odd postures in which he stood leaning on the lone tree in front of his home as her mom, would go shopping during the evening. Her mother was staying with Shrum as her father was home for his job. Now, I tapped their home.


They were amazed that she was staying away from her husband for six months, no physical connection was astonishing for the couple.

Aunt had sniffed it and ignored it wholly.

We all ignored him, but then one day aunt had to go back.

In these six months she was working at the same speed, 15/7.


She was to train , grt trained, it was draining. But, instead of growing towards the job, she grew away from it. She grew away from those humans. That is when I understood why husband and wife need to have mental compatibility.

With her softness, genuine and understanding outlook she kept moving. Whenever she loosened up a bit, Pure would chase her for getting the work done.


She would chase the people who reacted vehemently in return towards her.

She was sandwiched in between.


There were seniors who reacted badly at her rise.

They did not attend her trainings or came late, asked absurd questions.

They made faces and made fun of her horribly.


She ignored. One day, one lady asked her,

“Do you even know the definition of literature that you go for trainings?”

“If you think I don’t, why don’t you check out the Work instructional manual tick tick too and let me also know.”

Some seniors would not listen to her and would make issues with the new manager, Rays of Sun. Now, Rays of Sun wanted to know if she misbehaved but unfortunately she would be stern but not rude never.

Fun was Rays of Sun was very disturbed by her nature. He picked the pulse and began devising ways. I alerted her but what could we do, we had to just not let thee scorpion sting us, we had to run, confuse, apply force to stop it but definitely not kill them.

That was not our business.

But, then a cat came to her home one day in the wet September. She liked the creature and gave her milk, fish, respect and a warm bed.

Tirki was her name. Tirki and Shrum would spend days happily together. Tirki would wait for her to return home and she had already begun confusing them.


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