The Crescent Moon 🌙 chapter 19

So, now Pure had come in. In between these three months, they were to get hikes.


Shrum was not expecting a hike given she was being pulled so much.


Pure had joined as a manager. He had again called Shrum to room#8 as though it was the decision room.

“Tell me what happened? What is this chaos?”

She told him the afternoon incident. She also demanded him to call other members of the team who were present. She fought with him in the closed room.


“When there were so many why am I the only one to be called into the room? Why tell me. I am new, I didn’t even know why she called us in the first place. Call people who were absent and present. Maria was present and you can ask her.”

In this chaos, even then Shrum believed in the good in humans. Maria used to be sweet to her, even until few years before Shrum left Maria used to use her conscience but then she lost it, perhaps her need or her desire to be famous or her weakness.


Pure used his mind despite dancing to others tunes.

He did call others to the room.

Kushan and the other guy walked in, who had spread his arms in front of the whole office waiting for cabs and Shrum had only smiled ignoring it completely. A smile to just counter the situation, to show she took it funnily. If he had been the man she loved she would have hugged him back. But then, they somehow did not know Shrum had not found the face.

Poor girl she found the face which ignored him, she found it six years later in 2017 before her birthday.


Probably karma was confused of her actions. She does not mind though she is happy.

Now they nodded to every question that Pure asked them about Nita.

Pure used his mind, Nita was asked to put down.

She gargled a lot and even cried in front of Pure as Shrum sat in her’s. It was the adjacent cubicles.


She did not like it at all. Who was the target even through some phone calls I could not make out. But it seemed Shrum would be safe for a few months until next hike.

Last day Nita asked her to take care, and she went till the door to bid her goodby.



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