The Crescent Moon 🌙 chapter 18

“Well, so Di I saw some houses but we need brokers. The girl in my office Anu, I told you the other day remember, she is wanting complete advance now since it’s her uncle who looks after the house. Babes you need to pay it all. ”




Now you remember my cab mate, that girl who was talking to King one day about someone falling behind me. The one who keeps bugging me to work less as she perhaps does not want the score board to raise the targets. She however seemed helpful. She gave me the contact number of a broker and I called him. He has asked me to come tomorrow.”

“Simply you could have come and stayed with me. Why don’t you do that?”



“Okay fine, righteous girl go, let me know if you need help. Check upon the owner, should be an educated one.”

The next day she comes back, tells me that the owner is a Ph.D and runs an NGO. They don’t have children and the wife Meera was too sweet to be true but anyways, the portions are separate and there would be no need to check upon them ever except for the monthly rents.


I agreed, verified and told her to not mingle at all. The reviews said the man would fight too much unnecessarily. There was no record that they had ever done any harm but there was a young bachelor guy and girl who left only too soon. It could be spooky, however the home had a green patch before her flat and she was happy to have finally found a home.

Most of them hesitated, some even agreed however did not intimate later. There was a family which said they can identify women by their eyes and that she was not at all looking any which ways odd, yet since they were Muslims they might find some resistance from society.

Uncle and aunt came down with her little sister. She was happy. Though aunt did not like them, but then they agreed with her.

Now, the fun happened when she informed her new manager Pure that she was changing the cab and moving to a home.


The first day Pure met the team, she sat on the last seat and he began asking intros from her. He was going in her cab. Though she would be lost in songs and music all this while, she was often worried about him.

The reason was, soon after he came the floor was burning with what happened behind the closed doors with Shrum and Shrum did not give out to anyone in her office as to why she was called. She stuck to the version the director told her to tell others.

Her mother told her to not jeopardise his position since he might feel threatened thus taking unnecessary actions. She had a point very simple, yet very wise.

She did not know the game though. Her father also suggested that she must stay away from such people, he said “you must be wary of crocodiles which hide in deep waters. You are simple. Stay away.”


He was closer.

Now, I was the closest. I knew the game was changing and the reason was still not clear. Staging, drama and such big things for what?


But of course, the more bigger the reason, the more bigger the trap.

I told her to keep a straight head and to move on, she had done nothing wrong and she must not fear. I asked her to segregate from the crowd. Even Rom told her the same.


She did segregate. She worked, became very professional and stopped smiling even at people. She had seen some people before her being cornered and she knew it was better to corner yourself on your own.

She ate alone, rudely denied anyone who offered to sit with her for dinner, did her work.

Now this manager was only travelling three months with her and another girl Reena in her cab. Her change of cab struck him, God knows why?


He reacted badly. Now Shrum was clueless as to why he was angry. She did not even talk to him. I got it faster.

“He is thinking you are not travelling with him, so distancing is perhaps somehow pulling him into the radar. Unmarked as he was, he got scared that tomorrow if you tell anything about him.”

“Why would I tell stupid things?”

“He is a small mind, so he is thinking. You can’t help it. He will try to test. Be prepared for every such occasion and make sure they can’t prove anything.”

“How will they prove it and what?”

“See they will try to test your discomfort level in his presence to see if you are uncomfortable around him.

Since he travels in the cab with a driver, he knows as much as you know there was no problem.

Now, these people will put into his head this fact. So, if you are uncomfortable then

1) you are trying to either tap a young bachelor for your benefit be it marriage or living in or

2) you are trying to play a game of thrones by removing him and rising the ladder faster as they are anticipating. Of course an ambitious woman will adopt many ways. If none of these two then of course,

3) the last one is, you are a woman who is ill intentioned. You want to loot all bachelors and that’s your motto.

That’s the trap Shrum, if once they can prove the first point they will channelise you accordingly. First one of course means no growth in career, they may find you a chap as per their understanding of your standards and they ask you to put up through hell with him. You marry, you flee, you murder, you run away, you settle with him as a boyfriend, you will be open box.

Don’t you know an unmarried lone woman is an open door.

If they find the second point they will again move you differently. This one will ask you to do everything you see people asking ambitious people to do including ding dong.

If they can prove the third point they move you in a different dimension. The third dimension is a straight way to hell.

In all the three above ways, your horses are in their hands and since they hold your horses, you have to do everything they ask you to do.

“Ohh! I see. But why all this?”

“They have seen every potential in you sadly, they have twisted a few also. Your cleverness is portrayed in the wrong light I am sure too.

They are linked to bigger objects. I must check.”


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