The crescent moon 🌙 chapter 16

She alienates herself for all three months.


Basically the is the time when she actually thought it was wrong to take up this job. But she was stuck for now, since she knew movements were monitored their company. There were many who returned back, a forced intervention in many cases, to prove their worth in the market. It was goofed up or played up mostly.


The two months went peaceful except some trials here and there. Some people trying to check if her interest could be drawn. That itself was difficult. One guy came up quite briskly. He called her one Saturday morning while she was working to come to a mall close by, for some shopping or perhaps some words which right now none of us four, remember. She thought she would get a break too while helping the guy with the shopping. After all, when you shop for women you need women shoppers.

But then it seemed like he was all alone and she kind of realised she was perhaps on an unwilling point again.

“Listen my parents won’t allow all this,” she told him over a burger paid her bill.


“Parent oppose unnecessarily.” Abiudaullah said.

“No, I am fine with it. I can’t come I am not interested.” She left, another improper con a ship attempt. On the way back she messaged me,


“Another one.” We shared smileys.

Next day, she went back to office and informed King about it.

He said, “Wait, we will take care.”

“No need to take care, it’s pretty absurd.” She just wanted to confirm if others reacted to it.


Well, after a few days one day he tried speaking, she avoided.

He again tried, she avoided. Last attempt he made by trying to move into her path while she headed for the cab at 11 pm. She ignored him, gave him a look and left. She had tried talking seriously to him during that period, but his lack of seriousness made her stop talking completely.

Now, he stayed for almost six months and left the office.

He had a friend, who one day stood at a compromising posture near his seat which she relayed to me. Now, she had gone to clear a doubt, she had to bent a little to check through his system. She told me that and I advised her to ignore.


But, then either her facial expression changed or it was planned, some men began behaving oddly and one day oddly he was coming and saying sorry for no obvious reason for Shrum told me that it could be obvious that we sit there for eight hours we don’t seem to care much about our postures.

I agreed and we made the matter light, but then an apology, a sorry from him, as he came down to her desk and slowly said sorry made no sense.


She might have grown a bit serious but then she was speaking to him regarding work.

“What for?” She asked.


He did not reply, scratched his forehead, smiled and left. He was an Ayurvedic doctor and probably a Tam Brahm, big thing in those sides I guess.

He got married, invited her, she did go and blessed the couple. But, then he left. Some portion of the masses blamed her discreetly for his resignation, one or two. Reason was not clear to her neither to me until it was all staged.



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