The Crescent Moon πŸŒ™ Chapter 16

One afternoon she is working, she is not aware, except for a ping from Nita the previous evening that they were meeting for ten minutes the next day over Binki’s bossiness.


Well, she typed back an okay without asking anything else. NaΓ―vetΓ© can be costly.


In her cab that day, she slept off and did not hear her teammates also who would always give her advices on how less she should work to preserve other’s interests as they did not want to work so much, they wanted to chill around.

She was staying awake at nights, she was staying awake whole night just to promote a case with a lady doctor who was one of the most sweetest in the bunch, her behaviour never changed till the end, yet Shrum did not bid her goodbye nor did she bid any. She had long lost the contact with humans around her.

The big day, she reaches office. She is not aware that they are to boycott Binki’s meeting and her two cab mates bunked, the other guy as I call one and another guy who tried being funny but mostly could not act well, Kushan.


Nita bosses a snap, and moves forward. She is supposed to follow but seeing the scenario being only a year old, she sniffs it. She sniffs, moves to a cubicle which is two cubicle ahead of her, talks to a mature looking woman Geetika who had suffered five years, was about to leave. But, I told her about Nita’s plan.

“What to do?” She asked her, she never messaged me from office.


“Go.” She added fuel to ice. “You also don’t like Binki’s bossiness right, go.”

She paused to think, had she ever had any problem with anyone’s bossiness. Besides did she ever care. She told the same to her, adding “He is hedonistic but yeah till now has not harmed me.” In her sleep, she sleepwalked out and wafted to the cafeteria.

Almost the entire team was there. There also sat a lady from Binki’s morning team, Maria eating her lunch hawk eyeing us. She knew she would be in trouble. Sitting there she felt it could also be staged. She had missed telling us to keep a tap and unfortunately during that point we had not kept a record.

On the table, she placed a long list and in that list was all that he does everyday.


Assigning small tasks to his group

Leaving longer works

Making Shrum work more since he thought Shrum was crazy about accolades which she was not, she was focusing on earning and this was definitely not the kind of accolades she wished to earn.

Shrum though did not keep from making points, she thought she felt, keeping her presence neutral in all aspects. Nita glared a few times and chose to ignore her. She was after all new.


Boom! Boom!

The meeting ended. Being a junior, being qr certified she could not ignore Nita’s command. But then that was not her intention and she did not bother at all about humans there.


Well, it was always a throwback competition on the floor.

You win, I win. She had to stick to everyday people for help. She chose thus to go but she did not opine anyway. She had no enmity, no matter what, she was not jealous of anyone there, but people wanted her to be all this,



Fighting to win over guys.

Fighting over petty issues when no one sat there caring for the issues on hand creating chaos and confusion.


Fighting with Sucheta was a dream of an only turban guy in her office till then.

“I want to see you cat fight with Sucheta.”

She told him coolly “That would never happen.” That never happened from her end but it did flare up from Sucheta’s end on the backend. She wanted Binky and she wanted to be a manager. After all, who did not want to be one, that was the only post every single person was squabbling for, tiring for Shrum.

Well, as soon as she settled for the day on her chair, Durjoy John called her over,

“Shrum please come to room no 8.”

King and the rest turned suddenly and their faces said, alarm but planned, no, maybe.


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