The crescent moon 🌙 Chapter 14

Humans have well developed senses which have nothing to do with our day to day activities, our ways of living, our understanding about the world. These are called sixth sense, something which humans have never really understood very well, after a wide array of experiments.


Shrum’s nose was so developed that I often teased her having nose sense which many lacked around her.


She could tell a person from another based on their smell.

She could say right from wrong again based on sense.

“This is not smelling right.” She would always tell out.


During September she refused going to her office annual day.

Reasons were she did not want to go, she was weary of getting dressed every morning, she was not very keen on being with the same boring people in the same room, she did not like dancing with strangers, found no fun in it, she did not like anything which was so decked up and complicated.


She had though visited a theme park where girls were moving around, frolicking with men. She sat in a corner with her manager, who was till the end genuine towards her on the face about many aspects, even though her manager’s repeated requests to visit reiki learning and schools were widely ignored by our Shrum.

She had joined something odd, Samael Aun Weor, was a teacher and she got attracted to his teachings. But then again she went for the classes for six months and received a lot of clarifications however she had to discontinue given her increased work load and works extending to Saturday and Sunday. At one point she was working almost 15/7.

She knew it was tough.

Hanging out with people who bored her immensely was not something she could do, she can never push herself to do something very hard unless she liked it at least a bit.


She denied offers of being to the outings despite Sucheta requesting. Meanwhile she went for her mother’s check up.

On outings she received advices.

“Tell a lie at home and come with us. How difficult is that, if your family is uncomfortable about the idea.”

That was striking, she burst out a loud “NO” to immature people.


She showed an error of Nita to someone who was not her team and the king told her, “don’t forget Shrum everyone here is linked to each other very well, you cannot flourish if you do not work accordingly with us.”

“I would have shown an error even if it was mine.”


She walked out.

Now the king, one more guy and another girl occupied a cubicle with her.


One day she fell sick and left, so the other guy, Salty told her suddenly

“She is very beautiful much more than you.” Indicating the girl who left on a sick leave.

“Yeah, Yeah, she is so pretty.” She nodded.


It did not work so the king said,

“She is not well disposed towards you.”

“Not all will be.” Shrum replied.

“Many people here don’t like you.” One more guy told her.

So our great Shrum replied, “I too don’t end up liking all, in such a big place it’s very much obvious not all can like all.”

She would relay to me everyday and we would laugh aloud at the amount of hard work going on behind her.

The manager sent Shrum’s name for QR certification to which king said, “you are lucky hence your name got selected.”

In short it meant Shrum was not talented.

She took it with a bright smile, “Sagitta‘s are born lucky, what to do.”

But the king was never harmful on the front to her, yes backend he used to participate in a lot of conversations and also sometimes disentangled situations, as per our occasional tapping was proving.

So, a person who is neutral to anybody’s existence and does not fight with you like a cock, was not debilitating to her existence even if not completely harmless. He would occasionally help probably he understood she was not very much interested in what goes on there or probably since Shrum had found his mother very nice one day when he was showing his family photos to everybody.


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