The Crescent moon 🌙 Chapter 13

Sometimes she would share about the families of those colleagues, sometimes she shared the gossips she came across about office with her mother.

Nita is the witch and the trainer was an imp.

One day when we met in our home, Lizzy suggested,

“Tell me, Nita is not married or divorced or separated or in some such men goofy rackets, is she then eyeing this young man, Binky, probably trying to reduce competitors.”

We had a hearty laugh on this.

But then Shrum knew Sucheta was fond.

If Shrum ever joins to like someone she can immediately begin reading hearts.

In her nine years, I don’t remember she ever insulted anybody on the face.

Though she has grudges and been offensive behind at times, just when she has not understood the reason for their rudeness, their back comments.

They were tapping her call, I and Lizzy could see that. We tapped into some people to know their motif.

After all, it is not called stealing if you steal on a thief.”

The software’s are widely available, and we heard into late night dramas.

Till then, they were unable to unfold much, since Shrum was an epitome of perfection.

She was still safe. They were using crude means like her lady manager would be calling trying to collect information.

Often she would want to know, what Shrum thought about Durjoy John since Shrum would smile at him brightly as well as to her director, a bright mind.

“Nothing much I think about him Chinni, I just think he is caring enough to ask how I was liking the place, so I return a smile to him. What else?”

“Yeah what else. You know he is not married but he said he was dating someone. He is slightly old.”

“It’s fine, men are never old they say, it’s women who grow old after menopause. Let him date. Why do you worry?” She was leaning on the terrace, drying her hairs in the sunlight. There was nothing except stretches covered with homes and homes.

“Ahh! Why should I worry. Anyways, I am also seeing a man, he takes a lot of care for me.”

“Ahh! Great. Hope things turn well.”

“They will, of course. No hoping it will.” She said.


The call ended, when Shrum told me, I told her something which came spontaneously to me.

“Why on earth are they trying such cheap tricks? Are they very small? We don’t have all this shit in our office. Do they think of taking you down to a man, making you kneel down, beg, borrow, steal and go down the path of destruction. They might be knowing through background checks, your family could not arrange a match for you.”

“Perhaps, there are so many mouths to tell them that also. I choose to not get married, if I don’t marry the face, I want to meet.”

“You can’t tell them that. It is a world where women marry to preserve safety, to be productive in something since most of them are non productive, money wise or mentally. Women marry for so many different reasons, they are trying to find that one reason for you.”

“Really, then shall I leave the job? Maybe I can find something good as yours.”

“Ours don’t use such cheap tricks since they keep us safe for bigger tricks. There are some though even in our office who would serve to satisfy women who are unmarried, widowed or divorced, many bachelors, even married men without commitment entertainment but then they settle down eventually leaving these women groping for more when these giant of women land themselves in trouble coz they can’t control what was ignited beneath them.”

“Is it so hard? To control.”

“No, but the world does not give them time to resolve, they ignite their egos when a man leaves them. So, they say, hmm what if one left I will find another. Then another leaves and another.”

“Okay, do one thing, confuse them.” I said to her.

Sucheta had told one of her colleagues in front of Shrum that she would not mind a husband at home, and a husband at office. She can manage to which our holy Shrum relayed the incident to her mother over the tapped phone.

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