The Crescent Moon 🌙 Chapter 12

Her manager had changed.. one lady gave way to another.

A Reiki healer, who knew the meaning of Om Mani Padme Hum, an enthusiastic woman who lived singly. She was in training with Shrum and once when both were washing their hands in the restroom, Shrum in error asked her,

“Are you married?”

The answer was something which Shrum might have to give some years later.

“There should be something good to get married, something more meaningful, something beyond our words.”

Shrum heard it, smiled her bright smile.

She thought while coming back that she would add one word,

“Love, she would only get married to give and get love.”

Rest she knew she could manage, if she could not manage dying was not a very disrespectful decision on her part. She was never scared to give up whereas I was so scared to give up.

The manager would send Shrum for audit rounds and wink at her Quality review trainer, she tested her.

But, then she gave her a chance to flourish.

She was quality review certified much earlier than people told her would take.

The trainer Biyonte who trained her in the training period was a short stout man, with a gleaming skin. Every woman asked him the secret behind the shine. He was definitely proud of who he was and his knowledge was vouched for, he was also soffit spoken towards Shrum and certified her every now and then whenever she did some huge case or added a note of thanks.

This is what Shrum was looking at, she decided to pave her way through her work.

She did one mistake though, she told that upfront.

She knew Sucheta had an emotional bond towards this man, and she never disturbed her. What enraged her at times, was the thought that Shrum was probably behind the trainer which was never the case.

Her soft spoken words and her soft looks was who she was, and of course a deeply grateful person she would express it to all those who stood to help her on her terms.

But, one day almost a year later, Biyonte for some reason blurted out to Shrum’s new manager,

“Who the hell would marry such a girl.”

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