The Black Curtain Chapter XVII

“What is this place? Where are we?”

The boys were hesitant to enter the ward, as Marco called it. We were supposed to wear our dresses, nothing but temperature regulators, sort of to be able to regulate it.

“Come on, wear the suits, I need to show you something.

Show you something,

Endow you with a gift,

Take it, coz I won’t keep it.

It is not my kind of wit.

Please, please do hurry up.”

“If this is some sort of trick then know one thing come what may, I will not leave you.”

“Oooo…you are warning me….!!!! chill, relax girl…..I won’t run away. You can keep your eyes back in the socket.”

“Wear it boys.” The heart could not believe what it saw.

“Well, trust is very important, even when you know you would be duped or dumped. It tells you one thing very precious and what is it?” He shouted out from his cabinet. There was a flush as I entered it, some mud like black sticky paste dropped on me as soon as I had left my clothes in the bin. It was hot, then some rays, some hot water and cold water probably.

A suit stood as I stood there almost benumbed by the experience.

I could Rocky screaming out, he was probably sitting on the floor trying to tolerate what he did not know, without his clothes on, his boogy body.

“Remember trust is when you

know the hunger, trust is when you

know the thirst, trust is when you

know the eyes, trust is when you

know love is in the soul. Trust,

even if it fails, yet it strengthens your soul, you.

It washed you clean. You matter and only you.” He was singing as I came out, quite uncomfortable with what I wore, each looked somewhat like an astronaut more slim, and probably a few gadgets less.

“What is this?” Rocky asked me, thoroughly irritated by the iridescent rain.

“You will love me, more child

When you know what I

have saved for you. Maybe the guy

you love will love you even more.”

I smirked, “he doesn’t love me and has rejected me. Can I come out of him so that I can live too, it’s terrible indeed to know your proposition is weak. Here it’s you and there it’s me.”

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