The Black Curtain chapter XV

“Here, we are almost here.” Marco seemed elated.

“Great, can you unblind all of us then?” Reasha was not finding it comfortable.

“Just another few minutes. See, if someone asks you, you always can say you don’t know the way. That’s it. No one can force you, even if they do nothing comes out.” Marco clapped his palms.

“As if I care who thinks what? I won’t answer anybody if I don’t find him or her fit.”

“Well, the world still tries to hound.”

“As if it can, idiots run everywhere who cares. Above all, I care for few.”

“Who was it, whom you liked so much?”

“A doctor, I met only recently. I love him.”

“Till now?”

“Seriously, Marco it’s not hormones, don’t ask such weird questions. I would always love him. Forever, there is only one. Though I would not deny having fooled a few who tried idiotic ways.”

“They don’t trouble you?”

“Well, if you make someone mad who is trying to make you mad, what else can they do? Accumulate more of them and try to prove they were trying to blurp, when actually they were trying to kill you. The real intentions when jeopardised due to clever or overly seeming maniacal tactics, it creates idiots and you have to ignore, forget whenever required, and be back to your innocence. Coz no one can touch that.”

“Why nothing happened?”

“It was not possible for him since he believes in the system. By the way, he has to understand the point. He knows one thing and he will know it always. I love him like the wind that touches his face, I don’t meet him coz I promised him I won’t show him my face, but then I remember him forever. That place is locked for him, rest of the world can create anything, my feelings can’t change, can’t be moulded or adulterated. Sometimes humans must know the strength with which they are dealing. Considering your target weak is the biggest mistake humanity makes. So, nothing walks past it.”

Marco took a deep breath. He smiled from the heart for the first time.

I wish to really give you a hug. My daughter has such a love story, I have none such and I am so proud you lived it fully.”

The chopper was descending. I could say that since my legs and feet were tingling and the numbness increased.

Marco loves hearing love was still conquering hearts. He believed in love strangely and practiced it with whoever he was not set to kill even during his job.

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