The Black Curtain chapter XIX

“Here we come at last to rest.

We come here to see, to test.

We live here by the lane with zest.

Here, we come at last to rest.

Here is your gift at plain sight at a fest.

You can keep it now and build around it a chest.

Here, we come at last to rest.

We come here to see, to test.”

“Do you remember it? We are in a well and here lies something you know.”

Far from us, there was a gamma beam box, in molten nitrogen there stood a black speck.

“Can I see it from close?”

“Ohh, Yes. You prefer to see it live or in the monitor?”

“Live.” The men exchanged looks and Marco nodded.

“Please come.”

As we descended, the green glow glazed more into the eyes.

I went closer, very unsure of what I saw.

“This is……” it came back to me…..this is what was placed under the aluminium suitcase I carried to my kgs. A stiff black cloth which increased the space in my box. I had to hide it from my friends, my father’s discovery or rather as people said stolen discovery.” The memories came back, the tiffin, the pencil box, the ruler, the facilities I used to hide it in plain sight and the shame, the bullying.

“It was in fact your father’s discovery. The trick was to make others disbelieve it was his, knowing he was a simple man to steal it from, in plain sight.” Marco was also looking at it.

“What does it do, Boss?” Martin seemed curious.

“Well, it is what we are here for, hiding in the rabbit holes.” Marco overheard Rocky’s over enthusiastic voice.

“We need your help, Reasha….that’s why you are here.” Lawrence and Xi had an imploring look in their eyes and voice.

“You see, I precisely do not myself understand what we are talking here. I need to.”

Lawrence McGuire nodded…an astrophysicist around my dad’s hidden secret which seemed like my gadget, my play gadget was hung behind the best securities of the world.

“The world drops by.

Only to meet an eye.

The love of the dye,

The world drops by.

which brings me to the sigh.

You must help my hue.

The world drops by.

Only to meet an eye.”

“Brilliant.” Xi and Lawrence clapped the loudest followed by Rocky.

“A triolet so lovely.” Rocky nodded at each one beaming joyfully, proud to have perhaps understood the form of poetry.

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