Society and its chains-3

Thus, we do not allow,


a) Adoption of hapless children by emotionally mature individuals, single parenting with less means is negated, couples having less resources, eunuchs and parent of same sexes cannot adopt, as they are under the covers of sexual abusers who are, if existing then very much a by-product of this society. Their innocence was converted to their hostile nature. However, nobody utters a word, when these same children are sold to the world markets and are bought by the highest bidders. I think the society has a blueprint of every nature and every individual, yet many people are not being allowed to take care of these children. Resource earned by selling a child to such sadistic people earns them more than by raising them, since it means investment by the society and who would want to invest in an orphan?.


b) It is not the fault of these humans who fell prey to these vicious circles organised by the society itself. It is the fault of the society which has at many points, suppressed many voices and souls for their own benefit, in return creating imbalances.

c) Preventing animals from being adopted in lieu of sexual abuse. Who is responsible for breaking down human mind to such a low level? Well, now we all know the answer.

I personally knew a family, which was not very well off, the father was dead, mother was working, had three sons, one son went under the grip of this very society, got hepatitis C and kidney failure after sleeping with cats and chimps. The mother was a shrunk lady in her sixties, a school teacher as poor as teaching is mostly considered in India, an art of no use, no matter however important it is. The Indian education system should learn from the Finnish counterparts. Now, this mother who was already skinny donated her kidney to her son. She saved him and this happened in the very renowned Christian Medical College and hospitals, Vellore. She received a lot of help in terms of treatment from the mild souls of the hospitals.


The education system transformation began some 40 years ago as the key propellant to the country’s recovery plan and promoting economic growth. They thought little until in 2000, when the first results from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), a standardized test given to 15-year-olds in more than 40 global venues, revealed Finnish youth to be the best young readers in the world. Three years later, they led in math. By 2006, Finland was first out of 57 countries (and a few cities) in science. Education system is with no tuition fees and with fully subsidized meals served to full-time students. It consists of daycare programs (for babies and toddlers) and a one-year “pre-school” (for six-year-old); a nine-year compulsory basic comprehensive school (from age of seven and ending at the age of sixteen); post-compulsory secondary general academic and vocational education; higher education (University and University of Applied Sciences); and adult (lifelong, continuing) education.

Another woman I met while travelling to Elephanta caves, Mumbai. She was in the same ferry. She abused cats, from whom she had contracted a rare, highly allergic feline disease and it took her some months to recover. She was later undergoing rehab in the Thane mental hospital, Mumbai, as her family refused to accept her back, the same family which took money from her when she earned sleeping with men, she was not a prostitute, she told me, she did it independently and went with people she felt. It seems she had a job and she had got a very high rank satisfying her bosses. But, then the disease struck her. One of her fellow colleague in the office had introduced her to monkeys as he had a pair in his home. Now, she was into cats and dogs as they were more widely available, I gave her a word of advice. Was she not a prostitute? I could see the damage done to that mind. She was slightly poor, was limited and society nicely wringed her neck in the name of marriage, initially she began sleeping around when promised by men that they would marry her, however this did not work out, revenge was created in her mind by these evil doers, she was supposed to show the previous one, and it went on and on. Beautiful game plans the world devices and catches many in those nets of deception. But, she emerged stronger than I had thought. She left the MNC job, she was also trained as a mechanic of steamers and boats and any moving element in the sea except ships. She has settled all by herself in Vasco, her nanny home and she stays with her very old nanny and the sea, in her words, “I have closed the doors, and, now, I am happy. It’s only, I, nanny and the sea. It talks and I listen.”


So, the message is-

1) Don’t change!!!! In short, be incorrigible unless you feel a slight change is required for the greater good. If you are a female be wary about friends and enemies for women have few handful of true friends and mostly hidden enemies, either hiding in the friendship cloak or those who have courage exist as enemies on the front. Note it and let the person know what you feel, so that you reduce loads in life. Travel light, as light as possible till the end.

2) Know your true nature- it might be quite a while to know your job but our true nature mostly all those who are not lost are constantly aware of, every moment as we delve down into our souls.

3) Be adamant when you know you are right- Do not listen to society when it says, “it kills,” do not pay heed, since it is a quality which the society cannot tackle and hence tries to “chop down.”


4) Beat to your own drum and beat your own drum.

5) Stand for yourself, since if you don’t, who else will? Do not try to find allies and friends and relations. No one will believe you if you do not believe yourself.

6) If you are a gay, be proud and stand. If you are monogamous, whether with the person or without the person, be proud. The polygamous alone are allowed to be proud in this world, why? Because they serve the societal needs from time to time. If you say once is enough, no one should have the courage to trespass it, and like old haggards, if you meet deaf people who keep repeating themselves in the name of opportunities being provided to live better, to thrive, to spread your seed,  shun them all or ignore or trick them if they are malevolent, but do not budge.

7) It does not matter if your seeds remain in this world or not, since no one is immortal, not even your genes, as they mingle, they lose your essence, slowly by, down to tenth generation you do not exist in your own family. Unless, the Nature decides to preserve any quality of yours, through the world. In that case, you need not worry. If you see, very few great men left their genes behind. It’s a culmination of expressions beyond which those souls need not exist. Rather, leaving someone behind is more pathetic, if being not done and not being nurtured in the right way, since you can never fathom what is coming in the future for them, if you are making them efficient enough for this world as you leave. Today, if treachery wins, you teach your child to be a treacherous being and tomorrow rules may change, for the world and we are ever changing except our choices. Nothing is fixed, we can only assume, but, very few humans are given the capability to see beyond and definitely these masses do not have it. In today’s world the system is not designed to make or create heroes, it is not designed wherein people can find that space wherein they become heroes.. The adage goes as “do not be a hero.”


8) Stick to your definitions. Do not change them as per the world. Definitions of friendship, love, lust, family, happiness, sadness, madness, anger, pride, jealousy, selfishness and the list goes on, for all. Do not change them but yes, if required for a very higher cause, you may tweak them but always remember, everyone is ready to render advise, but what matters is the one you take it from.

9) Live, live and live every moment as though it’s your last, the taste of each moment should be so deep that even death cannot separate your being from that feeling, keep all treasured up. Very few can do it, since for mostly all, time is slipping from their hands like the sand grains slip from the closed fist. But, if you show time that you are living, then it would itself pay homage to you slowing for you, correcting everything, changing all hearts and souls which touch you, bringing transformation around you to give you more time to live.


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