Society and its chains -1

The very words which are often used to define us, words chosen by this very society which had once been our cradle, is very often strong and hugely capable enough to extinguish the fire within us, the fire which we carry in our hearts, called souls which keeps the hearth alive. In olden days, they would never let the fire extinguish in homes and either the fireplace or the hearth would be burning. Fire brought joy and warmth, brought people closer, made them friends. In modern days, the fire runs in our homes in the form of electricity, and thus helps us survive but I guess not as effective as the candle or the hearth or the fireplace. However, this is not the point of our discussion.

So, if we allow by some chance, to let the soul escape our body (their being various conditions- one of the prime ones being, when we are either made to or we ourselves voluntarily act against our conscience or when we fall prey to the wrong links of the society due to our very poor or naive judgments.). Thus, if you see, keeping our whole body intact is our responsibility and it is left completely to us, as to how we do it.

Once the soul has escaped our body, we are reduced merely to an organism which is only capable of performing the basic tasks which keep us alive as, eating, drinking, procreating, procrastinating, taking revenge, killing, plotting and plundering. Rest of us is governed by the darkness which comes to reside in the very place from where the soul has escaped, the fire no longer burns, so we are incapable of seeing who comes and who goes from us.

Now, if we are capable of standing still and capable of thinking quietly, even, if, for a moment, then we would realise that the prime role of fire within us, is exactly the same, as, out of us. When the fire is not burning outside, we are surrounded by this perpetual darkness, and our vision is blurred since light ceases to exist. The dark objects hover around us, more powerful, more insinuating and more fiersome than us, guiding us, our will, primarily to unforeseen dimensions subject to their discretion and not ours. Now, darkness treats everyone equally. This is an advantage in its own place, but there is a catch in this- it would not allow you to practice your own free will, or the Universe’s will, now the Universe does not treat you at par with another (because we are all different beings with different purposes and our jobs are not same; if you apply the same temperatures to iron and gold, we all know what happens) but most often lets you practice your free will.

How or where does society have the ability to let us be guided by Evil? It’s exactly after our birth, where we are in a new cycle and yet to remember our job. When we are born, we are all, equanimously unaware of our roles IN this earth (that’s a drawback), except a few like Jesus or Krishna since their roles were big and their lives allocated were short, I think that could be one reason as to why they came with superfluous memories. Well, we have some small, but not meagre tasks. Even a man, as great, as Buddha, was initially not aware of his task on this planet, so he did whatever he was told to do, only to realise that he was not happy, he did not feel essentially complete (this completion is not about two bodies or two souls kind of union, in that way he was complete, but there are always many dimensions of a man which seeks completion, which comprise the various parameters of a soul and each of those parameters scream to be completed in one life and sometimes, because of our inability to listen or act again due to our sloth or society remain incomplete at one go).

Thus, Boudh had to devote himself to a rigorous process to know his task in this world, on this planet. Even though, we do not know our jobs yet, but within our soul is inscribed an essence, it spreads like a fragrance from the incense and often subconsciously we are being guided by that fragrance to that essence, which is indirectly inspiring us throughout our lives to that very core of our task. Thus, the Buddhist philosophy preaches that unless we have completed this task or we have known this task, we will keep taking birth. It is logical if you try to put it as per the laws of quantum physics- the law of energy transmutation and utilisations, azimuthal principle and Newton’ laws. As per the law, energy is neither created nor is it destroyed, it merely changes its form from time to time, hence this energy of soul also can neither be created nor be destroyed but merely transcends from one form to the other in the cycle. How does then, what we say previously hold good. How can this energy leave us or can get extinguished? Well, science answers even that, we know that when we transform the energy from one form to the other, only then it loses its original entity to acquire another entity. Thus, as per Albert Einstein, darkness is the mere absence of light which means it is converted from its illuminated form to its darker form- one and the same thing. Thus the illuminated form is extinguished and the darker and more inconsequential form comes into existence, which is the opposite force, the evil- strangely evil when read in mirror goes as live.

It is said that there was once a very famous painter who painted the face of Jesus and the devil using the same man as the model, in a span of 20 years. Thus, in a span of 20 years, the man who looked like an epitome of perfection looked exactly opposite. We can see innumerable such faces in our society. When they are young, their faces and eyes would be so cherubic and beautiful, but as they age the scars on their souls, the tortures that they laid on their souls, become widely expressed on their faces. They no longer look beautiful. They look older than they actually are, withered and lack vigour. But, at the same time, there are many souls which look same, age does not seem to change much, even as aged and delicate they carry the same eyes, the same vigour and the same smile.

Thus, to better understand, we can say that we should not allow or should not let this process of transmutation of energy be carried out within ourselves. Thus evil treats all equal promising this as a reward, in return snatches our free will and desire to behave as per our duties, since the evil is too preoccupied in performing its own duties and utilising souls in performing those duties for him, the ones which even he cannot accomplish on various planets, including ours.

We can take for example, any social system in the grip of evil currently. For example, marriage and the system of marriage, bonding and pairing.

What is the basic understanding about marriage existing in this world? If you draw a data, it does not reach standards higher than procreation through attachments. Procreation through detachment is a concept so unreal and unknown, that when some grave souls discuss it, the concept is immediately negated by the society as a bad joke. Now, this process has become a lurking enemy for humanity in the given times, earlier many such problems existed which mandated forcing this law into action, however now, the same policies no longer exist in this realm, they are transformed and like the snake which is eating its own tail destroying itself without any knowledge of its actions, similarly this very system is serving the same purpose. Our seeds should be spread and each seed should give rise to several other seeds. If this is not happening, then it’s a down. If a man or a woman is not following the social norm, then they are treated with as much vicissitude as much as the untouchables of Hindu laws and ordinances. In today’s world those who do not obey it, also have no right to live. The body, the mind and the soul seems to be just machines in this evil driven society.

If you do not abide, you would be broken. The core message is- “you cannot dream to be different. If you are, then, you better have your helpers. If not, then we would grind you to ashes.” The only way out, is hide, as simple as that. Now, the biggest jeopardy is this, in this scenario-

Even, if you have quenched this thirst of the society, yet you have not won. If anything has gone wrong, in this system, you would be asked to love again, and again and again, as though it is a trade. Often confused with lust, love is lost in today’s world.

Which populations are targeted- remember, society calls it as options and opportunities. What kind of opportunity? To spread your seed again and again.

1) If you loved and lost a loved one- you must love again.

2) If you have been unsuccessful once in forming a pair, you must try till eternity, lose all values and morales that the society itself asks you to obey until a little while ago, now urges you to become a criminal but find one goat for sure.

3) If you were rejected, you must stand again and show the world as to what you are capable of, (in short take revenge) and again become a criminal in your own eyes, unless you fall so low that no one can lift you up from your own abyss.

“Revaange,” I like to say as megamind quotes it.

4) If you are of a different orientation and you are not rich, neither influential, you must hide under the covers of a marriage.

5) If you are somewhat or very much a monogamous and you have loved enough to quench your thirst, yet you are not a pair with the man or woman, then you must try again because in this world actions count gentlemen and gentlewomen, not your intentions. Show it that you are capable of breeding and loving. Show it, otherwise you are to be chased and hacked till you admit that by not doing what you are being told to do, you are being arrogant and stubborn, stopping your own development. Society begins all sort of brainwashing and tricks making men stand in each nook and corner, even woman at times, to seduce you, to lure you, to tell you that you are to play the role of a harlot, if not a wife. You can’t have a definition which says you are nothing.

6) If you want to be at peace with that fragment of your soul, which nudges you from time to time to follow it, and if you want to remain faithful to that search, yet you have tried within your human limits and failed, so what? you must try again. Why? For the sake of society. Even if your future is death when you are either murdered or you kill yourself unable to bear the burden. Many women examples exist all around us, women being more sensitive break more easily.