Read this post on Insta…posting with my thoughts πŸ’­

God has a purpose for your pain,


A reason for your struggle


And a reward for your faithfulness.

Well, this was what I instantly thought, does it match some bits of you guys…


Well, purpose, let’s see…. to understand others pain.

Good, would do that, still do it….as if I am a clone of Jesus and Buddha on Earth…all pains reveal themselves to me automatically and I am supposed to empathise, sacrifice, diligently obey, follow and yet not commit any error leave alone sins…God knows which layer of hell, he would implant me in…but then well, well…let’s not be agitated, after all he is only God, not a human, what chance does he possess after all in a sea of humans, so well, will obey and understand and empathise.


Now, reason…well, great….the best ever reason I have heard anyone give me for my agonies….including my all wise Zongpa… it strengthens you….wow …no really wow! I think πŸ€” I am now stronger enough to take a punch πŸ₯Š from anyone, anyone and not sway even by a tiny wee bit…πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ’ͺ🏾

But, then I read the third line and my tongue πŸ‘… twisted….

Faithful….ohh yes I am faithful to all those I love but those I don’t, don’t even like, don’t share similarity, do not relate in any way….God forbid me but I cannot talk for them or what happens to them at all…..well certainly I am no Jesus to remain faithful to the entire world…and give my last breath to undeserving ones…I judge people I don’t like almost three quarter times less than they do.

So, I would have a suggestion for God…..HE CAN KEEP THE GIFT 🎁 FOR HIS MOST FAVOURITE CHILDREN πŸ‘Ά coz I don’t know he may consider a bomb to be the best gift for me….which would blast as I greedily open the wrapper….and it might still be his gift….bcoz he swore on his life that no matter what he would make sure what I really want to have or really want……so say cheese….geese….she’s……..fees….freeze….whatever you want but I won’t take his gift.


Unless he pre intimates me and I have every right to refuse if I don’t like it…..ammmm hmmm hanananana…..🦒not this time he can fool me…i have lived long he is quite predictable….maybe it’s time he changes his game plan….even if he sticks to his old results

At least the bottle can be new….wine may be old….🐲


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