Prospects of Green Technology

Green Technology Prospects- the scientific triangle
Green Technology Prospects

The prospect of green technology is bright. Those who are hesitating right now to make the move towards it would soon realize they were wrong in not choosing it.

What is Green Technology is discussed as a topic several times here? We know a lot about it. Any technology, contributing to the cleaning or betterment of the organization is what Green Technology is.

Environment monitoring devices, green chemicals, models, and technologies to build a green world, all are a part of Green Technology.

It is by now, quite clear to us that Green Technology is being designed to preserve mother Earth, recycle her components, revive her health and overall wellbeing.

Doing it is just not going to help her but due to a positive chain reaction (benefits passing from one to another), it would also bring good news for the now struggling human population.

It’s true, we have never been better than this era. Every type of development exists today, almost, in every field, and we are planning to thwart every limitation that stands in our way.

Strangely we have almost forgotten that Mother Nature is what gives us what we use for our daily living. So, instead of keeping her healthy, we keep emptying her more and more, hollowing her, deepening her wounds, we forge our walls and technology.

The cost will not be paid by this generation, of course, but as I had mentioned in an earlier post, by our future generations. Basically, we are trying to build children who would blame us for their destruction.

Nonetheless, it is important to create more and more work, sustain as many stomachs as possible, and now there seems to be a rigid competition, literally a tug-of-war between fulfilling our wants and safeguarding the resources.

Why Green Technology is being preferred

Human intellect though rare but is an amazing gift of Nature and some of us are striking hard to find a balance between our struggles and hers. While trying to solve the strife, some brave hearts came out with brilliant solutions. Green technology was conceptualized exactly at this point of strife, I must say.

If you ask about the importance of green technology, all we can say is, it benefits Nature apart from benefitting us in the way modern conveniences are helping us.

 When electricity was generated, a lot of coal and thermal power plants came up. But then came the carbon load. Soon men found out they were using far cleaner sources of energy to complete the same task at a small scale. Wind energy was harvested long back for smaller tasks. This realization made men’s work easy. Now all they had to do was find the cleanest sources of energy that could nullify the harm Nature was enduring for our sake.

  • Cleaner energies would mean healthier humans.
  • Green technology is recyclable thus the waste dumps could reduce.
  • Humans could use the energy in any form.

We have learned from the first law of thermodynamics that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

Recyclable energy can be used in a million ways, and each time recycling will give us more substrate (raw material) to run the wheels, wings, machines, engines, drums, rolls, vehicles, and much more.

Scientists over the years argue the consequences of not going green. What do you think could harm you more than not going green? Well, frankly the answer would be going green.

Consequences of not going Green

Yes, researchers currently aim to focus on the transition challenges from being no green to all green ( prospects of green technology).

In a recently published article, Sander, F., Föhl, U., Walter, N. et al. Green or social? An analysis of environmental and social sustainability advertising and its impact on brand personality, credibility and attitude. J Brand Manag 28, 429–445 (2021), it was shown how positive brand advertising can help make the transition from non-green to green easier. This was cited as one way people’s fears about the transition could be kept at bay.

People are arguing still for and against this topic. Debates are still ongoing, but then we are all noticing the changes, isn’t it? We can see what or how our temperatures are rising, how our glaciers are melting and so much more is coming up daily.

Aquatic life and the waters seem to be more unstable than ever. Ice melting is being studied now, and it is being observed that if the ice sheets melt like they are, we might just be doomed by nothing but recurring viral, bacterial and fungal infections. We have witnessed one downpour obviously and as we sit tight waiting for the virus to end, scientists predict pretty often, it might just be the end but the beginning of trouble.

Balancing environment through green technology

Not finding a balance is not an answer when discussing the prospects of green technology. It will start destruction and one event will trigger the onset of another. Soon, our progress could either be lost in heaps of ice or zillion tones of water.

However, change is not never easy and that is exactly what humans are right now fighting- Change.

Here is another paper by Kesenheimer, J. S., & Greitemeyer, T. (2021). Going Green (and Not Being Just More Pro-Social): Do Attitude and Personality Specifically Influence Pro-Environmental Behavior?. Sustainability, 13(6), 3560. The paper attempts to find out what is challenging our acceptance of the fact that going green is the only solution to save the environment.

Well, citing the ultimate destruction is like pinning the bigger picture on the wall. Innumerable other smaller damages are happening daily. We though are too busy with our lives to notice these tiny changes.

When asked, how the world would look if Green Tech is employed the right way? Many have answered they cannot imagine it. We will try to paint a picture here with our words about how would the future look with Green Tech.

How does the future of Green Tech look

  • There would be machines and more machines but then, these machines cannot be harmful to humans. Why? Since they would use everything green to operate and their disintegration would be used to create something more innovative.
  • Radiations would decline shortly with the increased use of renewable energy sources.
  • Drones can cause rainfall.
  • Charging batteries and robots would mean placing them in the Sun.
  • Individual electrical units can be created either by harvesting solar or wind energy in the right way. You are no longer a part of the societal unit where a transformer breakdown damages your life and work in any way. Completely independent electrical circuits can be created with the right kind of network using an adequate amount of sunlight.
  • Smoke-free solutions would be running on the roads.
  • Electric cars powered by the sun are already on the loose.

I could go on and on about the prospects of green technology, but it’s wise I leave the imagination up to you.

Conclusion: Our Green future

The future would bear the impact & prospect of green technology will be something to look forward to- something exciting, exhilarating, a dip into the unknown for good, changes that can create a world that can run far more efficiently and attractively.

There are two visions to take home from this write-up today?

Which is the one you’d like to gift your children?

Vision 1: A clean, green Earth, working faster than ever, yet stronger, efficient, unified, and rebuildable.

Vision 2: A sick, weak Earth whose illness strikes our children down each day weakening them and the world pushing everyone towards entropy at a much brisker pace.

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