Do you ever need a poetry course?

Here we talk about a poetry course today but before that let me ask you, do you need a course at all?

Well in my opinion, we do need a course for everything new we want to learn and begin.

Courses may not be perfect but can align your thought process immensely well.

It is these courses that tell us more about this new world we are trying to explore.

One such course is right now what I am trying to bring forth and this is a poetry course.

Why suddenly poetry and why even a course? Aren’t there already enough courses in poetry?

Yes, but all of these courses have something different to say and so will my course do something different.

Learnings from the poetry course

Through the course, you will gain in three ways and three kinds of people.

  1. If you are willing to take up a new hobby, tune in to this course that teaches you how writing can be adapted as a hobby.
  2. If you are trying to heal from experiences that were unforeseen and tough, you can try out this course and learn how you can once again jump back to your life. The course tells you the reason you must take up writing.
  3. If you love writing poetry but you are not aware of the facts that can help make it stand out, try this course.

I am no renowned poet but I have years of experience in writing poetry. I do not believe recognition alone can be the factor guiding your choices, there are many good things in the world yet, they are not a brand. It was a line in favour of why you must take this course from me :).

A poetry course that can change the way you look at the world. Hosted with Indie IT Press that has a bunch of good courses to offer, I would like to tell you to join me in this journey.

Charges vary and is based on your country and job status. It is not a free course but is economically designed for different needs.

If you want to try a free course in writing, you can join this one by Vandana Sehgal.

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