Overthinking of life in today’s world. But, does it help?

Well, well.

Overthinking is a tool which is used mostly by all, as I have observed, except my Dad 🙃.

Overthinking of life in this world 🌎 is quite a common practice, but how much does it help you?

It helps only when it is used as a tool.

What kind of tool? Well, lets see it.

1) An author’s weapon

Thoughts 💭 are such a challenge to an author or writer. I think 💭 every author fears only, but one ☝️ thing. What is it? Do you know?

Complete cessation of thought 💭 production process.

Thoughts become words after application of appropriate filters and a writer earns from it.

If Thoughts die ☝️ fine day, there will be no writers at all.

Thus, overthinking and dissecting a thought to produce ten others is a trick they apply to survive.

2) A poor man’s fear

A poor man is scared 😳 to think even his day sometimes, leave alone overthinking. He neither has stamina, nor utility to do so.

3) A rich man’s confusion

A rich man can overthink since he has all the time. But, often he doesn’t know which string of thoughts are most faithful. Thus, leaving all Thoughts and sticking to one flow which seems appropriate to him is what he prefers to go with.

4) A stout man’s time waster

A stout man can achieve everything using his 👊 and does not require 💭 much. So, he also prefers often to stick to the tricks, he knows can make him survive in the world.

5) An ordinary man’s 😡 madness

An ordinary man is a plain thinker. He doesn’t know much. So, he prefers to think that overthinking is just a madman’s hobby. He avoids it and suppresses it a sense much as possible.

To add on, all these above points can be a negative 👎 trigger for many, thus helping depression set in, sometimes.

1) The first type can be depressed if they can’t overthink. Depression cause.

2) Second type is scared 😳 of consequences and hence overthinking can be depressing.

3) Being unable to judge as to which chain to continue on, a wrong chain can lead to experiencing severe depression.

4) A stout man is healthier when not thinking much. Thus, he isn’t wasting time when he is overthinking and time wasted can trigger a feeling of uselessness and thus leads one on the path of depression.

5) An ordinary man is mad when unwanted thoughts wade across his mind. He gets mad at it and hence avoids it. Being unable to avoid it, they get a string of reactions which again lead the man on the same path.

Hope you have some more thoughts on this.

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