Love is not coming my way

Love is not coming my way


in forms it exists around my pay.


I pay to eat, I pay to sleep,

I pay to be happy,

I pay when I am sad too.


I always pay, when I have none.

I pay in kind if I can’t pay cash.


I pay to unwind and be a dash.

I pay to be happy.

So, do I now pay for love?

For love is not coming my way.


I sat back to think, to mourn, to laugh.

I sat back to know I won’t.

I won’t pay in cash or kind for the sake of love.

For I do not take love as a game.


I was told I was loved,

By a silhouette who never came


to talk straight on the face.

To tell me through the haze.


But, I waited though I did not love.

For a friend in me, I thought existed to accept the love.

But, then the brown eyed, gap in the tooth guy


never came and the game got real sly.

I quietly withdrew, yet the day he left I spoke soft.

Then, I found a face, fell in love.

People said it won’t happen, coz I betrayed one.

And that he was already taken.

If no one talks is it still betrayal for

I do not pay to buy love.

If no one puts it forth,

Can I jump onto the knees?

Will that be sane for the world?

Or will that be the way to pay

to be loved and get love.

The one I loved will never happen for

I have it seems hurt one.

Fine then I say.

Come to me and say

Say if it’s true and not a game

Say if it’s nothing to do with any form of pay.

Say and I may see the truth now and stay.

But say not through hoardings, not through others,

Say through your mouth with a cute gap between your tooth.

Say and I may see the truth now and stay by you,

Who knows how long but long enough to respect your love.

You need not be nasty, need not be a nerd, need

not dress differently to be heard.

Say and I would listen, for smelling it works

It works for me, but saying would work for both.

Let’s sort it out, and if your soul was true as they say.

Let’s talk and see where you could not care more.

If you do not talk I do not go down to harness

an insult or a joke. You made enough fun

of me for no reason. So know, I still

do not pay to love or be loved.

Reach a space either recede or come.

For I have a long way to go then.

I have a long way beyond the one who loved me and whom I loved

If I may say so, for I never have hate and many gates.

I have a long way to go, the bells toll, the praying wheels

Clang calling me their very own.

I must go since there, to love silence I need never pay.


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