Long Run - A Paradise Augmented

Long Run – A Paradise Augmented (A Review)

Long Run – A Paradise Augmented:

There is never a point in life where you can survive without balance. It is balance that keeps us alive and well. Raghu’s story is one such example where one slight imbalance toppled the entire life of a man.

Working in a stock market gave him a lot of money but with it came an accident that changed his life. How he came back is what makes the story worth a read. Life is never the same once it takes a tragic turn. Blinded by the accident, it is more about Raghu’s will power to turn his wheels.

There are basically three phases in the story and the protagonist is jumping timelines to tell his story. The stock market took the mainframe for a while and the amount of information that went in it is just amazing.

The book can be attempted by everyone including teenagers. There is a love story, a job, an experience of a fund manager, a life above everything else. When balance fell, Raghu fell too and that was quite shocking, not just for him but also readers like us.

In this story, Raghu Santhanam has to rebuild his life with his visual challenges to address. But, then even with his shortcomings, he could build his life since he really had the zeal to live.

As life keeps turning around, Raghu too keeps turning around and making the most of it. If you believe that living is all about facing and overcoming challenges, the book can be a good read.

Long Run – A Paradise Augmented is all about balance, balance, and balance! Strike a balance or face the fate.

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About the Author

T. Sathish is an Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIMC) alumnus and an AVP in Cigniti Technologies. His first book, Life in the Sunshine (2019), was an immediate Amazon bestseller. His short stories ‘Looking for Bond’ (Amazon), ‘Hang in there’ (Juggernaut), and ‘Am I Free?’ (Juggernaut) are all highly rated and loved by readers. As a diehard cricket fan and expert, Sathish writes on Cricket in The Roar (www.theroar.com.au), a famous Australian sports platform, as TSat. He is a voracious reader with an appetite for a wide range of topics.

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