Long Run - A Paradise Augmented

Long Run – A Paradise Augmented

For a moment, imagine that you are twenty-something making tons of money in the stock market. The success is heady, and you’re living it up! When out of the blue, your car crashes horrifically. You go off the spotlight. It takes months even to open your eyes, but you can’t see anymore.

A challenge like no other. Your defeat looks certain.

While you were enjoying the spotlight, you slid away from some of your past relationships.

Now, the question: Do you have it in you to make a comeback? 

Meet Raghu, a livewire investment manager.  Glitz, romance, and euphoric success filled his life until the day his car and life overturned. 

His body was broken; He couldn’t see anymore.

Was his spirit strong enough to overcome? Come, join Raghu as he narrates his life story, one filled with challenges and some unanswered questions.

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About the Author

Long Run - A Paradise Augmented

T. Sathish is an Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIMC) alumnus and an AVP in Cigniti Technologies. His first book, Life in the Sunshine (2019), was an immediate Amazon bestseller. His short stories ‘Looking for Bond’ (Amazon), ‘Hang in there’ (Juggernaut), and ‘Am I Free?’ (Juggernaut) are all highly rated and loved by readers. As a diehard cricket fan and expert, Sathish writes on Cricket in The Roar (www.theroar.com.au), a famous Australian sports platform, as TSat. He is a voracious reader with an appetite for a wide range of topics.

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