Lessons from LEH

Choden gambles still, with her life, her husband gambles with his life in Siachen, her child gambles in going to school and coming from school which is far, far away. My howlers, one in deathbed and one old and senile, gamble and are the longest living in nubra neighbourhood. Her mother in law gambles and is happy with the results.

Life is moving and happiness lies in knowing that some places, things and people never change, no matter what goes in and out in narrow mad worlds which pollute parts of living and life itself.

I learnt:

Gambling is a wonderful art to be practised in life, I learned, the same gambling saved her at such a height each day. The same gambling saves her husband in Siachen, the same gambling saves her son everyday while he goes and comes from a school so far, even her mother in law practices the same gambling which always comes out right for her and now they are friends.

Life is not small, we make it small with our fears, then comes others fears. We may not always have the energy to counter others fears, to neutralise them, so we should flee in such times.

Friends and family are not ones who belong to your creed or caste or religion or fantasies and rigid thoughts. The real friends and family are those with whom you share and care from the heart.

There is only one religion, the religion of humanity and kindness. Nothing can surpass it, nothing should surpass it, and when these two are surpassed, we would find what we find in our world today.

Dogs are indeed man’s best friends and so are Aquarians in the age of Aquarians. Only, they should be grown up enough to know their true worth. No man can then touch what they touch, no man can then see what they see, and they are around means I am safe, they are around means I have friends. Their abstract ideas, most of them can change the world to a better place, given the aquas mature and then take such decisions and not due to the pressure which gets created inside them the moment they invade the earth, the moment they know they are different and meant to work differently by staying in masses. Mad geniuses who should be given a chance to colour this world, the colours would surely be more than the ones in the rainbow. When sag and Pisces is around I have common grounds.

The beauty of life lies in ignoring those who harass you, bully you, attempt to cheat you, show you down and knowing, if you have drawn them to this or were they mad enough to have brought the madness to themselves. If you are the cause, then you must rectify yourself immediately, if possible leave them in peace. If it’s them then also you must leave them but this time to let yourself be in peace.

My zongpa knows so much, yet had the courage to leave the world. The unattached within the attached, the reality within the fakeness, the truth amidst lies, the fearlessness within fear, the selflessness in midst of selfishness.

Age is just a number in our minds creating a fear which immobilises us to do great things in life. Never pay attention to it, as long as you tick.