It was you amongst a few

I lived somehow,

medicines, pain, hopelessness, heartaches,

of my own brought me down.

Then, there was a rain,

Slow, beautifully relaxing gain.

Life never could mean

how we live to earn

or earn to live and churn.

I sat in a corner

trying in vain

But, then the smell of earth

the smell of rain,

Drew away my pain.

The pain in, the pain out.

I saw you,

Yet I would never reach you,

You would not see

For you have already seen.

Let us then be joyful,

amongst drugs for meds, the human cries,

the moaning, the beating of chests, the slapping on foreheads.

The wails, the helpless sobs, whimpering

noises, they hurt the soul even when

they were not mine. I love you

even though I know I do never see you.

I love your specs, your eyes, your presence

even when we do not meet.

Everything about you, your harmless eyes

which do not look for me.

Sad I am, yet happy I could

love, the first time your spirit arms, your

medicine smelling shirt, yet I am happy

my heart and soul found peace,

leaving behind what was not mine.

Walking with my loved ones and you.

Peaceful I stand in sad demise of others.

I am not hard but quite in peace.

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