I want to know

I want to know sometime,

What made you twist the plot?

What made you dislike me?

What made you connive against me?

What made your brown eyes hollow?

What made you not talk to me?

What made you feel odd with the Buddha?

What made you sit back in fumes?

What made your smile crooked for me?

I never intended to harm you.

I never intended to warm you.

I never spoke bad about you.

I never tried anything more than being a friend ever.

Friend as the word goes.

For I don’t think you loved.

I am sure you didn’t.

For if you did, as they said,

Was talking so hard, symbology is not my way.

God bless you wide.

It was more twisted than I thought it was

Straighten it, or let it go hide.

Teasing, bullying, fighting was never what

I wanted to do,

For I was counting my days.

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