I found this one…hmm so this was the plan..sad you suck at it.

I found this interesting.

I found this interesting. Till 80s if you see people believed in love, kids, family, money, glam, repute and job. So one day this new daddy who is a friend and a mountaineering guide tells his seven year old son Param, “ you get to get all these,” shoves the list in his son’s hand and smiles down proudly (at seven my friend could not read and write) as the boy goes through….but then the boy asks for the pen. It seems he went to a corner and scribbled something on the paper before returning it back to my friend. He ran off to play thereafter. My friend sent me a pic of the list that read,


“Get me pure water, give back the tree they cut down last week, its precious my friends and I played around it. Get me the tiger that was killed last year the one that did not eat us when we went to the forest. Get meeee al this and I will get you all that you want.”


My friend and his wife Remui are poor and they told me over the phone that by reading this they felt they were poorer…Do you have some such stories…share below…Look at those children who are born post 2000. Are we giving them a safe future? Are we being responsible parents? Shouldn’t there be a test before humans become parents to see if the child is a lust child or a love/married child? It’s rude to say this but its ruder what we are doing to them…are we living a hypocritical life telling everytime that we live for our children for if that is the case why is the house breaking off?


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