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Recycle Trash

Read more on how you can incentivize the Duitin Indonesia app for waste recycle machine. Could there be a better way to manage and recycle waste? Would it ever be possible to motivate people to recycle inorganic waste?

Well, before the age of smartphones, I am not sure if the above questions had possible answers, but in modern times certainly, there is a positive answer to the above questions. But before discussing the answers, let’s get to discussing some facts first.

The problem of inaccurate dumping of plastic and inorganic waste is eating up the environment of earth. Overall, 2.01 billion tonnes of solid waste is generated all across the world annually. Whereas, if you look at the per person per day waste generation, then an average of 0.74 kg of waste is generated. These figures look quite alarming and it is even more terrifying to look at the future estimates based on present trends.

As per The World Bank, by 2050, humans would be contributing to the generation of 3.40 billion tonnes of solid waste. The East Asia and Pacific region are the highest generators of waste in the world contributing 23% of garbage collected in recent times. Reportedly, Indonesia alone contributes to 7.8 million tons of plastic waste annually out of which 4.9 million tons of plastic waste is not responsibly managed. While the whole planet is dealing with the issue of waste management, Adijoyo Prakaso, owner of the Duitin app has emerged with a brilliant way to manage waste just like a lotus blooms in the muddy swamp. So, let’s see what this Duitin Indonesia app for waste recycle machine is all about and how does it offer to solve the age-old problem of waste management in a smarter way.

The primary challenge and its smart solution

Indonesians are still not habituated to recycle waste. Although they do sell their waste for cash yet many still lack the awareness to recycle waste for the sake of the environment. Some just collect the garbage and throw it out while some others are aware of waste recycling but they don’t know who they should reach to in order to recycle their solid wastes.

Thus, the start-up Duitin came into the picture in 2019. It is a smartphone app that has been in operations since July 2020 and has so far managed to recycle 70 tons of solid, inorganic waste including plastic, paper, cardboard, glass wastes.

Duitin is helping Indonesians easily recycle their household garbage. Duitin, is in fact, motivating people with some incentives, including cash rewards to use the simple ride-sharing app to recycle more and more waste.  

The start-up led by Chief Operation Officer, Adijoyo Prakaso, has a goal of reducing the environmental problems caused by improper disposal of waste. Their goal is in line with the government’s goal to reduce 70% plastic waste by 2025.

Other than this, Duitin Indonesia app for waste recycle machine has also started a novel idea of business in modern times by collecting garbage and making profits out of it. They are also supporting the spirit of the National Waste Care Day which is celebrated every year on February 21.

Duitin Indonesia app for waste recycle machine

Other than this, Duitin is also generating jobs to empower the youth. Duitin is employing garbage collectors known as Duitin Pickers who are not only being given financial support but would also be given a scope to become a sociopreneur. Thus, from being a picker of garbage and waste, those working with Duitin will also be given a scope to enhance their livelihoods and profession by becoming a collector and then setting up their own solid waste recycling factory.

Thus, in this way, Duitin is accomplishing the following:

  • Aiding to raise awareness about environmental pollution and the degrading role of plastic to cause soil and water.
  • Systematically managing recyclable waste to reduce soil and water pollution.
  • Increasing social and economic benefits.

Duitin – The smarter way of recycling the garbage

Duitin App
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Duitin is a smartphone-compatible ride-sharing app that leverages Big Data, Fintech, and Greentech technologies. It works in a simple incentive-based model. People have to separate their wastes first and then use the app to request a pickup. The picker arrives at the requested location to collect the waste and then the waste contributors can earn bonuses including cash rewards. Thus, it’s a win-win situation for all.

This trash collecting app makes it easy for trash sellers to schedule a time for garbage picking from their own homes or shops. They no longer have to carry the trash to a particular point. All these facilities provided by the Duitin app enhances the convenience for people.  

The app is available for download on the Google Play Store for Android smartphones. Apart from this, there are several APK files available. So far, Duitin has about 15 business partners and 1,200 trash collectors. The app has been downloaded by more than 100,000 users during this period.

How to sell trash using the Duitin app?

The Duitin Indonesia app for waste recycle bin lets people sell inorganic waste. People have to first segregate the waste and then sort it weight-wise. They can make waste bags of three kgs and then request for the Duitin picker to come to their location to take the trash. The trash collector will then weigh the waste and approve its value:

  • Plastic waste of one kg – IDR 1,500
  • Paper waste of one kg – IDR 1,000
  • Glass waste per kg – IDR 300
  • Aluminium can per kg – IDR 3,500
  • Multi-layer box per kg – IDR 250

Duitin contributors earn Duitin Coins as rewards. Meanwhile, Duitin pickers get 20% of the sale amount. Duitin app users can redeem the rewards earned by them including the cash amount to buy credit, internet data packs, electricity tokens, or even cash out the balance amount to their bank accounts.

Conclusion of Duitin app

Duitin Indonesia app for waste recycle bin is a novel, incentivized, and innovative way of solid waste disposal. Not only can the environment benefit from this way but the waste generators, trash collectors, and even the start-up business can make fortune for themselves. Thus, it is time that the world starts looking towards smart technology to take care of Earth’s environment.

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