Do humans know enough about love or is it the animals?

We often praise ourselves for being the supreme most beings born with a mind and soul.

We often negate various existential beings though.

We often live and love in ways that suit us caging our thoughts and patterns incapable of loving or understanding anything which is not like us or are different from us.

Can we never stand for creatures which need to coexist with us rather than making them seem small and insignificant?

So is it that we have a mind or do they have a mind?

Is it that we have a soul or they have a soul?

I am home to one such forest whose vibes have built me and I want to live and do my work in my way.

But it’s slowly receding as more humans occupy the space left with them.

My home is what my heart is and where my heart is? I have never found them devoid of consciousness, devoid of a soul maybe devoid of a cunning mind like us.

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