Completing the verses

Everything that ever happens once would never happen again,

But, everything that happens twice would happen the third time again…..

It means the twice ones are moving in random circles…

the one like this mandala no end and absolutely no beginning.

Do you need to be scared of the ones which happen again?

Or, the ones which happen once?

Do you build on the ones which happen again?

Or, the ones which happen once?

Do you need to be trusting the ones which happen again?

Or the ones which happen once?

While, I wait to know it, I observed,

The best ever most deserved,

Is the path which happens once,

It’s something you can trust but is with cons,

And the ones which happen twice,

Are planned to happen again, a thrice

time, as they are schemes and plot though not wise,

So they recur to cut you into a size.

If you fall, they make you money,

If you shine, they bite your bunny,

They create troubles to stop your penny,

They love their job and the trickling honey.

So, trust the one I observed,

It could also be the one, subserved,

But, it is stronger and less fake than the ordered,

race, which moves around your nape unperturbed.

If the ones one do not happen,

Go away and do not deepen,

Nor make the twice ones sharpen,

Their axes on fears that slowly darken.

Let go, live and shine.

Be like the oldest of old wine 🍷

Live to know what you dine,

Here you end my friend, at The trine.

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