Coexistence of a single species in a limited 🚀!!

Coexistence of single species in this limited resourced world. What do we understand by it?

There are many moments in life when I have tried analysing what true coexistence would be?

If true existence is a one sided word, true coexistence would be a two sided word. We have to exist, and also let others exist.

Sometimes, this leads to slight confusions. Why? Since there are so many people and you might hurt one or the other, if people are taking you too seriously. In the sense, if they feel, that there is a comment or a statement which hurts their feelings and opinions.

Well, in Coexistence of a single species in this limited resourced world, I felt, we have to keep a distance.  I would like to call it a measurable and respectable distance. Each has to respect it and also not cross the barriers. We all have choices. 

My choices have to be taken seriously 😒 in order to take make me consider their views seriously. Now, first move should be from the society and not from the single individual. Choices of a human are solely ruled by the spirit of that human and hence, ignoring a spirit is same as ignoring the person. Forcing the person to do something against his/her wishes is crossing this thin line.

R.N Tagore says, “If nobody is willing to walk with you (meaning your choices) then prefer to walk alone.”

I live in a society also. Thus, as long as I am a part of this society, I would be expecting that the society embraces my thoughts, choices, likes and dislikes. If I get this opportunity, given that my choices does not harm anybody else in the process, I would be equally interested in promoting that very society.

Thus, if coexistence of single species in this limited resourced world. What do we understand by it? I live in a society which is constantly competing with my growth, by spreading tough, extravagant ordeals in order to suppress me, then very obviously 🙄 we would no longer want that society to be a part of us. 

Note: Please note that the word “I” is used for illustrative purposes.

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