The full moon

The moon rises to shine, The wolves raise their head to whine. I spent ten years in struggle. Taming many tails that waggle. I spent a lot of time knowing good from bad I spent a lot of time knowing bad from good. I know there were only a few who knew true respect, I knew only a few could unfold the drama. I know … Continue reading The full moon

I chose to love it that way one time

It is a continuation of narrative poetry. But, then love touched the poetry, the truest form and I would sway a little. But, then the winds will always touch him within the spirits of the white coat. When you love truly, You love alone and often freely. When you love truly, You see it clear, you see him and you see the world. You see … Continue reading I chose to love it that way one time

The power of oddities

You might be wondering What oddities rule the clamouring, What grows in the mind? What moves in the soul? What stirs the body? Impulses, conscience, goose bumps? But, is it all of it? Or all of none? Ruling, scaling, scalding, moulding millions by day and night’s beholding. Strange is human behaviour. Which responds to the odds with even and even with odd. This is perhaps … Continue reading The power of oddities