The Crescent Moon 🌙 chapter 25

Sometimes we know by smells, whom we meet? Sometimes we know by the brown eyes Who it was? Sometimes the small gap between teeth Makes it quite clear. Sometimes you smell all of it. Sometimes you smell past smells. Sometimes you smell questions Sometimes you smell to know why? Is it an attempt to begin? An attempt to end? But, what was in question? What was happening? Questions often don’t get us anywhere when you have people around you who do not act like couple yet try to behave like one. Is it a desire? Is a wish? They don’t … Continue reading The Crescent Moon 🌙 chapter 25

The full moon

The moon rises to shine, The wolves raise their head to whine. I spent ten years in struggle. Taming many tails that waggle. I spent a lot of time knowing good from bad I spent a lot of time knowing bad from good. I know there were only a few who knew true respect, I knew only a few could unfold the drama. I know I love you, I know I cannot reach you, I know you do not take me when I go, you blocked me Everywhere, never replied, Six months I tried. Now also and forever I love … Continue reading The full moon

I wished

For my grandma Amidst the dance of furtive chances, I wished just once, wished to be with you like the day, to dance with you in the rain. I wished to be by your side always, not like the night creeping quietly like a thief. I wished to be led by you, to live and love together. I wished just once, wished to be. I sit beneath you, but then my grandma comes alive, amidst the brown mountains and the hot soups she told me one day, her sultry, soothing voice sang a song. “When you grow up, You really … Continue reading I wished

Tears are good!!

Tears are good!! Tears are good, really they are, indeed. Tears are better than smiles since they show you your own, and those who are pawns of The world, clowns behind the bar. Tears are a window when your vision is blur, yet you can see quite clean, crimson and reds, whites and blues of the green world. Green in jealousy! Green in the fields. Tears expose the mockery very well, It tells you, flint hearts walk wild. It tells you people bother you, Not that they love you, but how they hate you. Tears are good, for they hold … Continue reading Tears are good!!

But then love is now old

Love is old when it strikes me, Love is not the funny freaky kind, Neither messy, nor couture countless caressing carcass. It is more of always, it is like those old ones who stay together, live life free, bold together. They are blind or they bind? I never saw love creating jails. Love can make me stay forever with you, yet set you free, if that is your ultimate desire. But, then if you claim your love, Where will be the jail of thoughts, fizzes, worries, fears and pains be? So, let’s set apart slowly mate, Let us know if … Continue reading But then love is now old

I chose to love it that way one time

It is a continuation of narrative poetry. But, then love touched the poetry, the truest form and I would sway a little. But, then the winds will always touch him within the spirits of the white coat. When you love truly, You love alone and often freely. When you love truly, You see it clear, you see him and you see the world. You see the light and you see the shade. You see what you like and what you don’t. You see what you waited for all this while. You see none can fool you, nor even the one … Continue reading I chose to love it that way one time

This night I dreamt of you

This is a narrative romantic poem Please leave your likes and comments on the attempt. The sleep came late, the faces of despair hung around long, kids on wheels, the white hairs flew amongst the blues and the greys. The sleep came late. My eyes were shut tight, sleep lady spread her wings over them. Then, you walked in, your smile gave a way. The crowd was so huge, as people jostled to keep pace, I stood in silence for I needed a moment to know it was really you, or I was dreaming in a dream. The spirit and … Continue reading This night I dreamt of you

Whom do you call your own?

Whom do you call your own? Blood, is it your own? Religion, is it your own? Castes, is it your own? Skin colour, is it your own? The hair colour, is it your own? Whom can you call your own? Those you love? Those who teach you? Those who betray you? Those who hate you? Those who love you? What do we grow to become? A profession? A human? A lover? A philosopher? A healer? The world runs to become good. The bad hides behind the good. The bad survives only if stamped good. Almost all times, bad leads to … Continue reading Whom do you call your own?

How long can you grieve?

How long can you sit in stations, in trains, in buses, in plains, in parks, Up on hills and grieve. How long can you see the sad humans, bad ones, rugged ones, kind ones, sweet ones, mourning people. How long can you grieve? Grieve for a home, Grieve for a bed, Grieve others have more, Grieve for your sore. How long can you grieve? Even in bed how can you not see it still rains, it still shines, The moon, the sun. Beauty abounds, asking you to rejoice even at your last breath How long can you grieve? Loss of … Continue reading How long can you grieve?

It was you amongst a few

I lived somehow, medicines, pain, hopelessness, heartaches, of my own brought me down. Then, there was a rain, Slow, beautifully relaxing gain. Life never could mean how we live to earn or earn to live and churn. I sat in a corner trying in vain But, then the smell of earth the smell of rain, Drew away my pain. The pain in, the pain out. I saw you, Yet I would never reach you, You would not see For you have already seen. Let us then be joyful, amongst drugs for meds, the human cries, the moaning, the beating of … Continue reading It was you amongst a few