The Black Curtain chapter XVIII

They chomped out of the wash basin….probably that’s the best way to define it. Out there stood a guy, tall, well built, looked like a bull with great strength, only short of a matador to send it to slaughter house. Well, it might be the that the bull sends the matador to the slaughterhouse instead,Continue reading “The Black Curtain chapter XVIII”

The Black Curtain Chapter XVII

“What is this place? Where are we?” The boys were hesitant to enter the ward, as Marco called it. We were supposed to wear our dresses, nothing but temperature regulators, sort of to be able to regulate it. “Come on, wear the suits, I need to show you something. Show you something, Endow you withContinue reading “The Black Curtain Chapter XVII”

The Black Curtain chapter XVI

“Hola, hola, Marco. Has traído amigos?” The man was beefy, red like carrots and had a strange glint in his eyes. “Lutes….Lutes….my friend…it’s been long. Si…..friends.” Marco introduced us. Rocky was unusually jolly, probably the fact that he had met another jowly face. “So, let’s go.” Lutes was a strange name. “I must admit yourContinue reading “The Black Curtain chapter XVI”

The Black Curtain chapter XV

“Here, we are almost here.” Marco seemed elated. “Great, can you unblind all of us then?” Reasha was not finding it comfortable. “Just another few minutes. See, if someone asks you, you always can say you don’t know the way. That’s it. No one can force you, even if they do nothing comes out.” MarcoContinue reading “The Black Curtain chapter XV”

The Black Curtain…chapter XIV

The cold climates gave way to the warmer ones as we began our journey in the unknown terrains, rather my journey. The boys, as I am now used to call them were certainly not enjoying the confusion. They chewed possible everything they called food, trying to gulp down the mis-sense link in their DNA rightContinue reading “The Black Curtain…chapter XIV”

The Black Curtain chapter XIII

“They can build airports differently. The design and interior can be a source of newness, every time you land in one of them. These have same structural issues and similar arrangements. I am bored looking at them, often the same smell….Barista is my favourite though.” “Who asked you to blabber?” The burly burly man behindContinue reading “The Black Curtain chapter XIII”

The Black Curtain chapter XII

“Marco, wake up, c’mon get up. I need to talk now. You slept for almost seven hours now, wake up.” Reasha began slapping his right arm to draw him out of his sleep. “Wha….wha….What? What happened. Someone is staring at us….” Marco was dragging himself out with the ever seeing eyes probably closed for aContinue reading “The Black Curtain chapter XII”

The Black Curtain chapter XI

“The pale sun is still the Sun. The dark moon still scatters it’s charm. Life can never be hard, it is made to be, my sweet little innocent child, my balm! I love thee as though you were my own, my flesh, my blood, my rugged toes. The roubles still stand loosely, they topple, dwindlingContinue reading “The Black Curtain chapter XI”

The Black Curtain chapter X

“Well, I remembered, we have eight holes and we are addicted to another pair, our ear holes than our noses. We breathe less and we lay our ears out in the open fractions. Most of us are even addicted to this form of living.” “Yeah, messy shit holes, the waxy, crammed dark places where theContinue reading “The Black Curtain chapter X”

The Black Curtain chapter IX

“Laugh while you can, for laughter is precious. Precious than black gold, precious than all treasures. For one day, it may be lost, not to be found again. When you may still be hoarding the treasures. Laugh from the heart, laugh from the mind. Laugh while you can, for laughter is precious. Laugh from yourContinue reading “The Black Curtain chapter IX”