Cancer stories- An encounter that holds meaning in this chaos

Talking about past, painful or pleasant is a common habit we fall into. I am covering cancer stories with the reason where I can bind people’s past with their present. In this story I talk about the fearful disease. Even after all here years, people have not quite accepted a lot about this disease. StrikingContinue reading “Cancer stories- An encounter that holds meaning in this chaos”

Eight infections (virus) that can cause cancer

5) Epstein Barr Virus It is a virus class which is best known for the kissing disease called infectious mononucleosis. There are other ways in which this infection can pass from one person to another and that is through coughing, sneezing, shaking hands and so on. EBV as a short form is one virus whichContinue reading “Eight infections (virus) that can cause cancer”

Eight Infections that cause cancer

There is a lot of infections that cause cancer. Cancer is infectious? In my earlier post, I had strictly criticized people for not cooperating with patients and their families many times. I think now, you might be understanding why they choose to do so. No one is sure if the patient suffered from cancer dueContinue reading “Eight Infections that cause cancer”

Cancer causes- how does it happen- Post III

Cancer is not a one day disease like the virus. it slowly develops inside the body often without the knowledge of the inmate. Slowly and steadily it develops into something massive, difficult enough for the body to handle. Similarly, its not just one factor but many, which are known to be the causes of cancer.Continue reading “Cancer causes- how does it happen- Post III”

Cancer- Post II

The disease is named after the zodiac constellation of cancer. Why even do we call the imaginary line separating the centre of the earth from the North Pole, tropic of cancer? Well, maybe as the Tropic of Cancer is aligned to the constellation of cancer, so it is called the tropics of cancer. Does someoneContinue reading “Cancer- Post II”

Cancer related details in simple layman language

How many lives does cancer take a year? How many more are destroyed with each life? Life is a mess with everything coming up and this is ind of disease which takes a lot of stuffs from people. Going forth I will be writing about the cancer related details on this page. Whys Hows TheContinue reading “Cancer related details in simple layman language”

Cancer, Me and Pauline- Post I of the series

These posts are running for “Cancer, Me and this time, its Pauline for the interviews.” Cancer, Me and Pauline is the first post of the series. Eventually I would talk about those women who suffered deeply from the disease. The post aims to lift the spirits of people suffering from this deadly disease, which clawsContinue reading “Cancer, Me and Pauline- Post I of the series”

courses to add to your skills and strength

Women, Stress and Panic Attacks Learning makes you strong, far sighted and tells you about others views. Views make us rich and it is our views which can make us different from others. Humans can only be known by their views and views hold a special place. Join @vandanaseh for her classes. Young girls mustContinue reading “courses to add to your skills and strength”