Birth of my Spiritual Journey- ANewYou with Vandana

Birth of my Spiritual Journey – A New You Our spirituality stems from incidences. My spiritual journey is my own process. Each one of us has to go through this learning process- often painful seldom sweet. Here is where I began it, and what better place to begin it than with Vandana Sehgal’s blog. Read the blog and also the article. The link is given above. Tell more about your spirituality, where did you begin your journey, what is your story? Let me know here and we can create a chain of articles. Continue reading Birth of my Spiritual Journey- ANewYou with Vandana

Maya Angelou’s Alone posted on Women’s Authors/Bloggers

Find comfort in #MayaAngelou’s poem “Alone.” In the current crisis where humanity is suffering, we all are suffering this poem gives an inner calmness and hope that together we will cross this storm. AloneMaya Angelou – 1928-2014 Lying, thinkingLast nightHow to find my soul a homeWhere water is not thirstyAnd bread loaf is not stoneI came up with one thingAnd I don’t believe I’m wrongThat nobody,But nobodyCan make it out here alone. Alone, all aloneNobody, but nobodyCan make it out here alone. There are some millionairesWith money they can’t useTheir wives run round like bansheesTheir children sing the bluesThey’ve got … Continue reading Maya Angelou’s Alone posted on Women’s Authors/Bloggers

Beth Crosby

Beth Crosby inspires all to walk past barriers I write it here today to introduce a very special person- Beth Crosby. As a woman, I have been journeying through my life for more than 35 years now. I have seen many cultures, walked past many divisions of our world and came to realise only three major divisions matter in the end. Why? Since they are not created by humans and hence are not ruled by the human desires which crave to be different, yet often comfortable in their lairs. They are; The difference between living & non-living objects. The different … Continue reading Beth Crosby

Poetry with Elaine May Smith

Poetry with Elaine May Smith (Children’s Author, Poet & Presenter) touched me when we shared it together. Poetry is enriched when friends and acquaintances come together and share each other. Her wonderful eulogies can break and make your heart as more lives touch you and show a way. I am here to share her work with you. Oh! Yes, I must mention where I found her- of course, on IndieITPress. They have a huge group and you can join any. You too are invited to share yourself with the wonderful bunch of talent that sits here. Take lessons you want … Continue reading Poetry with Elaine May Smith

Country music! Nanana nanana….yeaaaaa…..yeaaa 🎵 🎶 When you come across people, you come across their lives, and when we come across lives we learn from them that life is just not what is being shown to us. Guess, I find it too difficult often to grasp well why we are living in a certain way. Was this the only best way to live? Don’t know, may be and may be that’s why I don’t understand it since I didn’t make the laws nor understand them well. So when I see lives or meet them through my writing I realise often that music in its original … Continue reading Country music! Nanana nanana….yeaaaaa…..yeaaa 🎵 🎶