Can chasing dreams lead us anywhere other than depression?


Does chasing your dreams lead you astray into a state of depression or leads you away from it?

1) The first question to consider,

Do dreams matter?

Or, they lead us astray into a state of rejection and depression?

Can chasing dream lead us anywhere other than depression?

I think and completely feel, they do.

In fact, every happiness, joy, sadness and pain is linked directly or indirectly to our dreams.

This whole world is rather an extension of the dreams spread through the minds of millions. If we did not have a mind, we would never, have had, this world.

In fact, if you look into this world, dreams are the only dots, which innumerable humans keep dreaming, fulfilling and some humans who join the dots.

The whole world is drawn around a single man’s dream or often, many men’s dream.

Look at any organisation or anything great 👍 or gigantic around, or look 👀 at any small effort. It is always someone’s dreams.

2) Why do our dreams often not come true?

Now, what happens if you dream the wrong dreams? Dreams which do not fit a social structure or a social pattern, being practiced at that point of time.

Well well, often this is one reason why they don’t take the desired shape.

Sometimes, available resources, matter, sometimes life itself matters, since, it can get impacted by millions of factors. I am sure every human, above the age of ten, has at least, one broken dream to recount.

3) A story

“There was once an old man, to whom people came for job counselling. Now, this man was doing a business of making pillows, in a time when the whole world was preparing for war. As a result it did not work for him. As his business failed and his funds came down, the man was very depressed, this man thus saw no harm in visiting the old man. He then, went to see the old man, in hope of some good counsel.

“In a land of wars, you should be making blades and spades instead of pillows. So, as you, see, when the world is dreaming war, there are millions who earn by selling the dream of wars.

“Very few can dream of peace, even at such times of wars, since this signifies going upstream and that’s difficult.” Such is the human nature.” said the 👴 old man.

4) How to think?

Now, this is how our world is constantly changing shape and size.

If you look at it, every human has a dream, but, unfortunately they are like those balloons which we chase. We often, are however, unaware of whether a dream would affect us or not, initially.

But, slowly, as it takes shape, we see that dreams make up our lives, and also can break our lives.

There are millions of dreams which are being broken every single day. Some people, unable to tackle its impact, take up their own lives or take up others lives.

Some, people however are gutsy enough to know that often you are unable to catch a balloon at one shot, many shots are often required to catch it.

Failures can either lead to a depressed state of mind or it can also lead you to new directions.

People who are well, at analysing as to why they failed, instead of sitting and brooding at the mere thought of failure often succeed.

So, basically, if you want to succeed, you have to analyse what things went wrong, and if possible, you got to correct them.

There is nothing called failure in this world. There is only alignment.

If you can align your thoughts and actions to the choices you made, there is a chance that you would succeed.

Disclaimer– This formulae cannot be applied to, however, love. Love is the only true magic in this world. How you love, whom you love, why you love, when you love and who you love, is a dimension which opens up, and when it does, none of the laws applicable to this Earth works anywhere else.

5) Can chasing dreams lead us anywhere?

So, now we know that when dreams are everything then why should we not chase it? Since, chasing them Ian the only way to ensure whether we are right or wrong about ourselves. Thus, chasing dreams lead us anywhere?

Initially, when we begin, our lives, none of the balloons 🎈 are ours but, slowly, we begin 🐱 catching them and as we do, we do, get hold of some, for sure.

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Light for the whole day and for the evenings!


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