But then love is now old

Love is old when it strikes me,

Love is not the funny freaky kind,

Neither messy, nor couture countless caressing carcass.

It is more of always, it is like those old ones

who stay together, live life free, bold together.

They are blind or they bind?

I never saw love creating jails.

Love can make me stay forever with you,

yet set you free, if that is your ultimate desire.

But, then if you claim your love,

Where will be the jail of thoughts,

fizzes, worries, fears and pains be?

So, let’s set apart slowly mate,

Let us know if we both can merge,

Merge me into you forever,

if not, let us be whole away from each,

Living and loving you, all this while,

All this while, I call life.

These three poesies make the series.

thank you for your wonderful support

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