The Benefits of a Better Way of Life: How to Live a Fulfilling Life

Some people say, “have the guts to live, why die? ” Find a Better Way of Life for yourself.

Most would agree there are times in one’s life when darkness seems close and humans find it hard to find a meaning for their living.

People think of suicide not as a child but as an adult which is proof enough that humans grow darker as they age.

But, is it just random that people start feeling that way or is it that they feel it due to some physiological changes in their brains?

Studies have shown that as we age, it is true our brain shrinks in size.

Forgetfulness is a common outcome however, losing our mind just does not involve forgetting stuff, old and new but also complete disorientation of actions and thoughts, yet not enough to be called mad.

The famous neurons die and age, neurotransmission becomes frailer with days and the neurotransmitters wax and wane, struggling to show existence.

It doesn’t stop at that, in fact, many other neurological changes stand testimony to the ever-changing beautiful machinery gifted to us.

In short, our limitless or unlimited brain starts functioning as a limited organ.

In this post, we will share the various changes that a brain undergoes over time and also what psychological factors are estimated to impact them apart from the physiological changes causing it. In short, we will tell you that a better way of life lies in identifying our key problems or at least even our superficial problems.

Memory loss, fear, a sense of blocked feeling, and certain emotional changes like increased anger or insecure feelings start with changes in the brain.

I) Does our brain shrink:

Our hippocampus and frontal lobe grow till 6 d shrinks from the 30th to 40th year. Physiologically our brain stops growing naturally.

a) Medicine use in many cases

Contributing factors that prevent a better way of life:

b) Use of drugs, smoking and alcohol

c) Teenagers start responding to stress

d) Adolescents need more sleep than children but funnily we are made to believe and survive the opposite.

Resolution :

  1. Sleep more whenever you have time.
  2. Learn your stress triggers and after identifying them learn to create suitable responses to them.
  3. Say no to the unhealthy use of alcohol and say a complete no to smoking and drugs. Also, stop using a medicine your friend uses if you have a similar symptom as your friend.

II) Cortical thinning

Due to lesser synaptic connections, you will find thin in the distance between the cortex and the outer layer.

Reasons for cortical thinning:

Migraine, old age and subcortical ischaemic vascular disease, and even Alzheimer’s can cause cortical thinning.

The resolution could lead to a better way of life:

Disease and old age management are ways to slow the cortical thinning process more than anything.

III) White matter decline

When white matter thinning happens, you can expect changes in the brain.

If you have white matter thinning, you can expect to go slightly out of your mind apart from facing other issues.

The question is what leads to white matter thinning?

The brain’s four lobes and your emotional centre along with the limbic system will find changes.

Now you know your emotional centre can go topsy turvy and if that happens, a lot can change in you.


Old age, stroke, cerebral adrenoleukodystrophy and multiple sclerosis are some diseases whose better management is the way to reduce the effects of white matter thinning.

IV) Chemicals-neurotransmitters and hormones alike.

Numerous problems can be the cause behind the reduction in the brain

Reasons can be numerous including changes in the body and in return, changes in the body lead to changes in the chemical content of the mind.

Any disease can influence your brain’s neurotransmitters and some morbid conditions like diabetes, thyroid-related issues and other changes can cause alterations beyond repair.

But with the right thoughts and the right mindset, you can definitely manage the disease better and also the production and management of the neurotransmitters.

Thus, if you think that you are deviating from your real line of thought or becoming a little dark, ensure you know how to heal your brain by managing a better way of life.

At what age does mental decline begin?

The brain’s capacity for memory, reasoning and comprehension skills (cognitive function) can start to deteriorate from age 45, finds research published on today.

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