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Beth Crosby inspires all to walk past barriers

I write it here today to introduce a very special person- Beth Crosby.


As a woman, I have been journeying through my life for more than 35 years now.

I have seen many cultures, walked past many divisions of our world and came to realise only three major divisions matter in the end. Why? Since they are not created by humans and hence are not ruled by the human desires which crave to be different, yet often comfortable in their lairs.

They are;


  • The difference between living & non-living objects.
  • The different species of animals including social animals and the human race.
  • The man and the woman.

Meeting good people, rich people (rich in their thoughts) seemed a milestone that drew my attention since I was a kid.

So, today, I am going to talk about a woman whom I barely knew a few months back.


It started when I wrote a small book which I call “A hiatus from the loaded past.

It is a book of my poems and vignettes compiled together. So the story starts on the day I decided to take a plunge into the huge ocean of Amazon KDP.

How it all began?

No sooner had I taken the plunge, but, then began the existential crisis. I realised barely putting out beautiful verses wouldn’t make any difference, but becoming visible would only solve this newbie author crisis that I was then in.

In a state of confusion, I sat with my system and did whatever I could, to swim out of the whirlpool, I seemed to have created by writing and publishing the book.


That is when I followed Beth Crosby’s Facebook Site (The Writer’s Circle Group). I was trying to do something to quench my odd feelings about being lost in the Amazon ocean and it was quite a random step.

But then, after requesting access I forgot about it since I had just sent a request to almost twenty groups. So, I stopped since that seemed quite a good effort for the moment. 

After I got to access the first video of Beth smiling back at her viewers paused me, for a moment since that smile on her face was a smile of a person who has lost and found happiness. My grandma and Star Wars said eyes repeat and you can see it when you live long. Well, her eyes were a repetition of all those eyes who have lost and found happiness.

So, despite different continents and God knows what else is different; probably everything except that my blood is as red as hers and I am as much a woman as she is- a woman beyond borders but a woman I chose to follow her classes.


I joined them (Beth Crosby’s site), learnt what she told and heard all those guests she brought. But all this while I did not know anything about her as a person.

Eli Pacheco

But then Eli Pacheco came in, and out of curiosity, I checked his site on WordPress. 


There I read the interview that Beth Crosby and Eli mentioned during the session.

So, I thought, why not? Let me read about another woman, another Lady, after all, our curiosity to know people often works differently from our rational mind (which might refrain us from reading or knowing every second person we meet). But, thank God! Curiosity does not work that way but differently.


I read the interview and even before I had finished reading all the questions and answers, I was elated to have found out the reason why she looks so soothing, & why she was so kind.

Kindness does not come easy in this world. I can say that since I have seen, met and befriended only to unfriend many unkind people in my life.

While going through the series of questions Eli put to her it seemed as though her life was like the Mandala which is made and destroyed several times before the grand finale.


Beth Crosby & Snehashree & Eli Pacheco

Grand Finale

But the finale is always far more beautiful than the trials.

Divorces, health challenges, small-town adjustments, dissatisfactions from being in the wrong job seemed to be creating who she is today. Most importantly that feeling, which tells us often we are here to do much more than what we were doing and yet, we cannot change a wee bit of that feeling nor do anything about it. We have to stay that way and succumb often to a sense of powerlessness that creeps up. Often at such times, we lose track of everything, questioning and re-questioning life again and again. 

When I read her story, I was moved since I could see those dark moments when she might have felt differently than the way, when she smiles, the way when her eyes gleam with joy and understanding while she is on screen.

How all these pains are absent from her face when she speaks to us kind of got my attention. There seems nothing more than an unquestioning faith that merges with her very lines of a smile so very beautiful and all this can only be understood when viewed the way I viewed her.

I chose to write about her, I would say, since I understood well what she could have been through. Well, honestly it is a must say here that I don’t relate to all lives and thus, do not write about everyone.


But Beth did inspire me to live. To find meaning and happiness in every small and big thing that crosses our lives.

The way Eli had arranged the questions, kind of created a map of life whereby I learnt that life is like the light and hurdles are just here to push us to entropy.

It is only by understanding it and not fighting it we reach where Beth and many like her, yes many maybe there but then I wanted to share her story and here I am.

In the end, thanks to Eli Pacheco.

To read the full interview follow the link.

Thanks to Beth for sharing the story as it is- many cannot connect to themselves so well.

In the end, I would pause by saying that today even though I understand divisions but I also deem, above everything else that life is nothing if it can’t appreciate the good, the struggles, the beauties, the wisdom, the scars, the lessons and the learnings of living this life & is definitely what makes me ME and also what makes Beth BETH.

So Beth here’s a big hug and lots of prayers.

Join me here every month to follow my inspirations and in return get inspired to live more by real life stories.

Love and light



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