Ants after rain

The Behavior of Ants after rain: Know ways to fight them?

QSAnts after rain is common in almost every ground-floor household. Know how to prevent them in the household from this blog.

Ants are fascinating creatures. The little insects of the Formicidae family haven’t failed to intrigue humans since prehistoric times. We come across them everyday starting from finding ants under the carpet to reading major ant-centered works of fiction and watching MCU’s Ant-Man series.

There are different species of ants and each of these species has a separate role to play. The ants bring and cause the ecological balance in the universe and play a part many fail to notice given ants are all small creatures.

As long as the ants are outside, they do not have an issue with the human colonies but the sooner they enter human colonies seeking shelter and more food sources, there begins the perennial clash of the world’s most invasive species. The risk of drowning and loss of food are issues ants need to manage thereby ants have to walk indoors.

Ants in summer come inside the house to look for food, water, and shelter. During winters they mostly hibernate in their burrows, cracks, crevices, and other hideouts. But a sudden invasion of an army of ants after rain in the house can cause multiple problems, especially to the stored food in the house. Even though they mostly come indoors after a heavy bout of rain in search of food and shelter, it still poses a bit of a problem for the house inmates. So here is a guide on how to deal with ants after rain.

Ants can be best controlled if you have a pest management unit around you. Those who do not have a pest management unit will need to use their own techniques to keep the ants at bay.

How to get rid of ants after rain?

Simply using insect sprays is not enough because they may fail to eliminate the queen which won’t prevent the problem of infestation for long. Now if you are repeatedly getting ants after rain at your house, you may consider contacting pest control professionals. Pest control professionals will examine the premises and suggest a customized solution as per the season and cause. Thus, they can provide a complete pest removal service for your premises.

Tip to prevent infestation of ants inside the house?

Here are some tips and tricks to prevent ant infestation inside the house:

  • Inspect the door and window frames to see if there are any cracks or crevices. In case of the existence of cracks, consider filling and patching them with suitable material.
  • Clear your yard of wooden debris.
  • Remove trash, a pile of leaves, and other debris from around the house.
  • Repair the foundation if it has some cracks or damages.
  • Seal gaps in the walls to prevent the entry of ants into the house.
  • Keep the kitchen and bathrooms clean if you are wondering why are ants in the bathroom.
  • Always ensure to clean around the refrigerator, dining tables, and around ovens and stoves.
  • Don’t keep any loose food waste outside.
  • Clean outdoor grills with a degreaser.
  • Trying out barrier treatment around the home is another effective prevention method.
  • Do not keep the vegetation in close contact with your house and you may need to create a barrier that the ants would need to cross. Not everyone can make a moat around their home but, they can definitely, make a cemented barrier between Greenland and your home.

Using a bait can definitely help as the worker ants will carry the bait back to their nest and will feed it to their queen and other members including their younger ones. This way a whole colony of ants can be eliminated at one go often.

What ants don’t like is leaving a few ants alive and killing a lot of them would definitely not be a good idea as the ones living will come back with ants having negative thoughts that would attack homes where they would last smell the pheromones of their beloved companions.


Ants after rain can be dealt with as per the above mentioned tips and tricks. However, if you find ants living on walls and ants under the carpet, then you might need to request complete pest control. Hope you enjoyed reading the post. Do share, subscribe, and leave your valuable comments in the comment section.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ants After Rain

Why do ants know when it’s going to rain?

There is no scientific evidence regarding the fact that ants can predict rain but it is widely observed that ants do behave peculiarly as soon as they sense it is going to rain. Usually, worker ants come out to alert the nestmates about the rains.

Why does an entire ant colony surface after it rains?

Though ants can remain submerged for sometime after rains then they come to the surface to save themselves from drowning. If you wish to know if ants will kill plants or a tree then the answer would be a no, they won’t. In fact, they practice commensalism with trees.

How many ants are there in the world?

There are approximately 20 quadrillion ants on Earth and so for each person, there are 2.5 million ants.

Which kind of ants get wings after rain?

The virgin queen ants willing to relocate will get wings after the rains. Once they reach their destination their wings would drop off. They mate with the new drones and can be easily identified by their wings. If you see them next time, don’t confuse them to be worker ants as most do as wings have only one function- to carry them off to establish newer colonies.

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