A joke inspired by truth

There was once a boyfriend and his girlfriend, they did not meet up long. Work kept them far apart.

This girlfriend happens to be my friend.

Now, it so happened that one day out of the blues, both bumped into each other in the same meeting. Both were covering different newspapers..

Now, my friend is a bit plumpy, on the heavier side. Whereas the boyfriend is slightly thin, definitely not emaciated but on the other side of her.

Now, as soon as her eyes spot him…

She pushes her ears back, her hairs flying off as she fall into a slight jog and then a run.

As she was almost at an arms length from Jags, he too began jogging but backwards.

Sooner he too fell into a run.

Confused my friend Liz picked up speed, even though huffing by now.

Jags was like flying in the air, being an all time 800 meter sprinter since he was in school..

Finally Liz meets him and both ate jogging. There are huge journalist vans all around, people are placing themselves up to cover the much happening news and all are sort of giving looks which say,

“Are you nuts?

” Hey why are you running away? What’s wrong? It’s embarrassing, stop, i say. ”

Now Jags has stopped running.

” I thought you were running so I would accompany you.  ”

Much later on their wedding day, he confessed that he was not sure he could take her load and both might fall down, and she would actually lick him like his dog does once he is home.

That would probably have been more embarrassing. He declared.. As all fell into a laugh

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