Heidi Albert and read about her music

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Handpan is one of the most evolving musical instruments and if you love it, hear more of it with her.

Meet Heidi Albert and read what she says about her music!

  1. When you play the handpan do you get into a meditative state?

Well, if I practice a song a lot, and it goes well enough, it’s easy to fall into a different state of mind. Handpan retunes your body and mind, it’s really amazing.

  1. Do you have any special training for it from someone?

Yes, I do an online course by David Kuckhermann – called Handpandojo. I really recommend it to everyone – not only for beginners but for intermediate players as well.

  1. How will you consider your musical journey till now?

Basically I was a Hungarian pop singer in the beginning of my career when I found my way to the handpan world. Since then, I am obsessed with it and different signs of the world tell me I am in the right direction.

  1. Is playing the hand pan your profession or your passion?

Ohh, it’s totally a passion. Making money as a musician is not easy, basically, only concerts bring any mentionable income.

  1.  How does the hand pan create sound?

Each handpan is tuned for a certain scale. The notes on it have their own frequency – when you hit these fields, they start to resonate on their frequency and give that unique sound. That’s why handpan is so exciting – it’s a drum but also a melodic instrument.

  1. Is the hand pan an idiophone for an instrument?

Yes, it’s absolutely an idiophone – “creates sound primarily by the vibration of the instrument itself”.

  1. What kind of hand pans do you use?

The way I found handpan is through my brother, Peter Bognár. His company, Mag Instruments  is one of the best handpan maker teams in the world. Well, you can think I am prejudiced but if you check their handpans, I am sure you will agree with my statement. So I am a huge fan of their work and the quality they represent. If anyone is interested in Mag handpans, I would be glad to help them with choosing the right one, etc. – just write to me. 🙂

  1. The science and art of playing the hand pan might be having a certain balance point? What is it?

When you start learning how to play the handpan it might be hard to find the best hitting technique. I think that’s the only hardness, after that it will be easy to play enjoyable music. Perfect choice for those who are beginners in music. Also, it’s easy for drummers!

  1.  Is there any particular scale or rhythm which influences you? 

Harmonic minor scale is one of my big loves, but my dream is a handpan that has every note on it, so I can play anything on it. About rhythm.. I love hitting the handpan with different methods, making several unique percussion sounds, but in style and patterns, I think  the influence of pop will always be in me and you can feel it in my melodies.

  1.  Are hand pans all the same or different? What makes them different from each other?

The scale that they are tuned in, and the material makes them different. They make them from DC04 steel (gray), and stainless/ ember steel (rose gold) – these have a longer decay. Each one is handmade, so there’s no two that are 100% the same.

  1. Are you planning to take the hand pan to a different new level?

Ohh sure! I am practicing a lot, I wanna be better and better. I think there is no end to this road, I can always improve my skills to play the handpan and become a real master of it.

  1.  How or why do you play it together when it can be played solo? Is there a reason behind it?

My first instrument was the cello. I have been playing it for 15 years, and also I am a singer so it was obvious for me to combine these instruments with the handpan. Also, playing the handpan on it’s own is not that exciting as putting a bunch of other instruments next to it. Cello and handpan are amazing together.

  1.  What will be your take-home message to all those who are trying to stand out in whatever they do?

Good question! I think the most important thing is to find yourself  inside you and not outside you. What I mean is on your path there will be a lot of barriers and people who tell you how you should act and what person you should be like. It’s hard to listen to your own thoughts and feelings but you can find them. Follow them! I believe that faith will show you the way through different opportunities. Grab them! If you really do you, you will stand out from the crowd because there is no one like you.

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