How to think right

Do you know how to think right?

I recently wrote a guest post (A New You- Vandana Sehgal) on how people need to think right. How to think right often gives way to why to think straight.

It’s a topic which people mostly ignore. Even I ignored it until I met her when I realized thinking right is an elaborate mechanism.

Thinking comes fast, but if you arrange it in your brain box, you’ll see how intricate and absurd our mind can be when thinking.

This story is about a friend called Sandra from Albuquerque. Through an elementary lesson, she made me realize that mostly what we think throughout the day is just garbage.

Your brain should have appropriate compartmentalization to think about essential issues in the right way.

The first step is identifying the trash talk from the real ones.

The second step would be to try stopping the useless thoughts from moving around your head. Do not let them sit in your head, even if they are entering your head.

The third step is prioritizing the right thoughts in the right way.

But how do you begin?

How do you begin thinking the right stuff blocking the wrong ones?

I have suggested a simple method with which you can begin working.

Most of us are not fans of writing or noting things down.

Noting things is a process- you could write everything in your mind or your notebook.

Apparently, people who are initially not good at making mental notes can start by writing things down. They can slowly migrate to creating mental notes.

If you have any trouble, I can suggest a few ways to help you make mental notes. I can also provide you with some tips on how to put things down the right way.

To begin with, I will start with simple tricks on my site, and then if you are further interested, I can help you with a small one-day session.

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Interested in writing? Learn from this course that is started by Vandana Sehgal. The course can tell you more about writing.

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