Seal wounds fast with this MIT bio-inspired glue

This article about the MIT bio-inspired glue gum inspired by none other than the neglected barnacles is stirring up the science world. Stay tuned to know more! Nature is replete with information we need. Recently, MIT bio-inspired glue gum is catching people’s attention. It was developed by closely observing the barnacles. Barnacles use a special sticky gum like gooey substance to stick to rocks. Now, who believed these barnacles could even be a source of inspiration for some? It appears they were for those who were searching for a source of inspiration. Seeing these barnacles, MIT engineers have developed life … Continue reading Seal wounds fast with this MIT bio-inspired glue

The end will begin again-Poem

Do you really think the end will begin again? With the kind of swift ecological degradation, we are inching fast towards an ice age evidentially. So what good way to start a new phase or chapter in my renovated blog than a poem on Nature, the one which is standing on the brim of hope for a better world. Here it it is! I pulled my grey coat close. I was not sure how long the gnawing wind could be stopped by a mere coat. The temperature dropped and I grew colder. The ice age was nearing. “Run, run for … Continue reading The end will begin again-Poem