Cancer causes- how does it happen- Post III

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Causes of cancer

Cancer is not a one day disease like the virus. it slowly develops inside the body often without the knowledge of the inmate. Slowly and steadily it develops into something massive, difficult enough for the body to handle. Similarly, its not just one factor but many, which are known to be the causes of cancer. Now, let’s take on the points one by one from the previous discussion.

What can happen when cells rebel and turn cancerous

1. Raw materials:

Well, of course, raw materials are plenty in our body, isn’t it? When cancer begins taking shape it quickly starts gulping down all the food, energy, and nutrients from the body. It’s a center that kind of, is always hungry, and feeding on just what is served to the cell daily by the body is not enough. So, it starts by sucking from its neighboring cell.

A mother needs a lot of energy to bring a baby into the world and so does cancer. One is a constructive process and the other, sadly is a destructive process.

But, inside the cancer cells, energy distribution happens differently than it happens in the birthing mother.

Basically, by the time your cancer is just two cells big (which means even when two cells in your body have gone astray), they would start sucking the energy of the nearby cells thereby constantly signaling the other cells in the body to revolt (rather you can say the neighboring cells are instigated by these two random runaway hooligans in the masses). Bad influence is easy to catch and often more infectious than good influence. Sooner or later a process begins which converts cells after cells into cancerous cells and they all start acting together.

So, cancer is a term used usually for malignant varieties of cancer, wherein the cells of not only one type get infected, instead, more than one type of cells get infected by the process.

However, some cancers are even benign (which means they are located within one organ and the cells of only that organ seem to behave cancerously).

2. Till someone turns off the switch:

When someone turns off the switch, which means someone has to either kill those newly formed cancerous cells or someone has to stop them from behaving loony. Well, anti-oxidants in our bodies play this role. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy play such a role. Many other natural ingredients can turn off the switch (will be discussed separately). How or what happens when cells get cancerous would be taken as a different topic on another day.

3. Whole unit does get heated and blasts off:

Well, the whole unit does get heated and blasts off: Yes, it does happen, that the whole unit of cells gets heated and blasts off. Cell death or apoptosis (the scientific term for cell death) is prominent in cancerous cells.

What are the causes of cancer?

Generally, we all keep hearing thousands of stories about what causes cancer and what doesn’t. I am sure by now, even the most deprived communities of the world have heard that cancer is caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, drugs, unwanted allergens, and environmental pollutants.

“Smoking is injurious to health.” Who has not heard this statement or read it on the cigarette packet labels? Chewing tobacco cause cancer, and the color used in making the brinjals purplier and yummier looking causes cancer.

Ideally, all of many natural elements in the environment can also be causes of cancer.

Some very potent poisons can also serve as cancerous agents.

Ideally, 246 types of carcinogens are known to cause cancer. Hey, it’s not the only list, it is just the list that is being rediscovered every other day. It also includes certain viruses like hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, and human papillomaviruses transmitted sexually from human to human. These above-mentioned viruses are not airborne, water-borne, or are not spreading through droplet infection.

Many countries even to date treat cancer as an infectious disease or call it the wrath of the Gods, and yet the same nations are behaving utterly differently during the COVID-19 times. I was expecting such nations to be hiding underground, but then that is not the case. So, do they then think cancer to be more an act of God- the wrath of God, to be precise?

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