Cancer- Post II

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Cancer cells

The disease is named after the zodiac constellation of cancer.

Why even do we call the imaginary line separating the centre of the earth from the North Pole, tropic of cancer? Well, maybe as the Tropic of Cancer is aligned to the constellation of cancer, so it is called the tropics of cancer. Does someone have brighter ideas, please place it in the comments.

While I understand this latter part of the story I do not entirely grasp why cancer is called cancer? Why? Any brighter ideas away from the n

The reason has never been clear to me but then someone told me one day, “Have you ever been to a beach?”

I had nodded, I remember.

Where all can cancer occur?

“Have you seen how many crabs sit quietly beneath the sand quietly as you walk above them on the sand?”

I am still not sure if that can be the right reason behind calling it cancer. It could also be synonymous with the crab’s bite, which would bite so hard, you can’t in any way escape it.

If the beach was your body, then cancer can occur anywhere, so if you’re asking where all cancer can occur. It can be anywhere in the body just like those tiny little crabs festering the beach playing the vanishing game.

I had a hard time always understanding the definition of cancer.

What is cancer?

The general medical dictionary says cancer is an abnormal cell growth in a certain type of cellular arrangement. This abnormal process can be infectious like laughter and has the capability infect other parts of the body.

Now, it means just like the crabs travel crabwise.It is a type of gait where the creature looks in a different direction while moving in a different direction.

Cancer is often seen to be such a disease- erratic walking behavior is what makes the disease so scarily dangerous.

People often abhor themselves for years when thinking of what went on with them.

What is cell division and how it works in cancer?

Ideally what I have understood is, cancer happens when some cells lose the ability to stop growing. So, they keep growing and branching again and again into many other daughter cells over a period.

It means there is a switch in our body which when on, our body’s cells proliferate.

When the switch is turned off, our body’s cells stop proliferating (cell division and growth).

Cell division is a process whereby an entire cell reproduces to give rise to a new cell. It is synonymous mostly to the process of giving birth to a baby.

The daughter cells (no cell division produces any son cells). All of the cells produced are always daughter cells and the word ‘son’ is not used funnily. These daughter cells are created are enough to meet the body’s demands.

When that demand is met, the production is switched off. So there is ideally a guard who’s sitting there and doing this job. But when the guard leaves his job and no other guard is taking up the duty. Also when the previous guard leaves without turning off the production switch leads to mass production of the same product.

  • The production keeps running till there is sufficient raw materials, post which it stops.
  • Till someone else does not come down to turn off the switch
  • until the whole unit gets overheated and blasts off.

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